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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

256 Kilobytes is a website consisting of articles, guides, tutorials, tools, forum threads, eBooks, and a variety of other content.

What are articles?

Articles are detailed pieces of content that are interesting, useful, and/or very-nice independently of discussion by commenters. Examples of these include guides, news pieces, tutorials, tricks, and and so on.

To prevent constant garbage from being posted, direct posting of articles is granted to users via a whitelist. Article-type content may also be posted on the forum.

If you see a high quality post on the forum (from a non-author), feel free to recommend it to the staff. If you write out a detailed post on the forum and would like to have it considered for classification as an article, feel free to let us know.

Note that, as they say, "I don't have brain damage; if you send us recommendations to pin posts with blatant ads for garbage affiliate sites, I will personally come to your house and stab you."

What is the forum?

The forum is used to post random garbage, discussion threads, and so on. Examples of such content include:

  • Do you guys like websites?
  • Should I use a CMS for some website, or would it be better to use some framework?
  • What's the wecommended amount of dedotated wam I should have to a server?
  • Press F to Pay Respects for Jerry Seinfeld
    • Note: Only post this if Jerry Seinfeld has died
  • A neat trick for working with gradients

Questions that have clear answers/solutions go in the answers section.

What is the wiki?

The wiki is used for content that is frequently updated, to provide detailed coverage of common topics and frequently asked questions, to create documentation, and to cover other content that involves frequent updates and changes.

What is the answers section?

The answers section is used to ask and discuss questions that are possible to provide clear, direct, and/or objective answers to. Such as:

  • What is the best method to store an array in a MariaDB/MySQL database?
  • In PHP, is it possible to swap two variables without using a third?
  • How to highlight rows based on the value of a specific cell in LibreOffice Calc?
  • What is the recommended amount of dedicated RAM that I should have for a server?

Open ended and/or discussion-based questions go on the forum.

Does this website have any rules?

This is a Christian server, so no swearing.

Otherwise, not really. But see the section of the terms of service on prohibited activity. in case you were interested in committing felonies or are are unsure how to use the Internet.

What a great stylesheet.


What is "Downloading More RAM"?

The "Download More RAM" button on posts is the equivalent of "liking" or "upvoting" posts. Recent RAM-downloading activity can be viewed in the recently downloaded RAMs directory.

Can I use code snippets posted on this site for other purposes?

Yes. See the section of the terms of service on user-submitted code.

How does 256 Kilobytes make money?

256 Kilobytes' revenue is primarily from user subscriptions, which provide users with access to eBooks, the private subscriber-only forum, and of course additional access, features, and increased limits for the 256 Kilobytes Toolset:

  • 256 Overview. Access the most comprehensive marketing data you could ever need! Monitor your sites and spy on competitors.
  • 256 Backlinks. Backlinks: What a classic piece of data to monitor. Start monitoring today with the 256 Kilobytes SEO suite.
  • 256 Social. Discover social links, brand mentions, and more. Identify social media spikes, slumps, and trends over time.
  • 256 Keywords. Easily find buyer, longtail, question, and other keywords to 'rank and bank' sites quicker than competitors.
  • 256 SERPs. Monitor your site's keywords with 0 hassle! Spy on your competitors to find millions of niche-related terms.
  • 256 Sites. Access a database of millions of sites! Find link buliding and outreach opportunities in minutes, not hours.

Additional revenue is received from marketplace listing fees, advertisements, and affiliate sales.

How can advertising deals be arranged with 256 KB?

Contact us with the details of the product, service, or website that you're interested in advertising.

Note that we only advertise goods and services that we would or do use personally (i.e., pls no send us garbage).

Where can I submit feedback and/or bug reports?

Visit the meta section of the website. Or more specifically, check out the feedback and suggestions and/or bug reports sections.

How can I contact 256 Kilobytes?

In addition to using the contact form below, there is a public Slack Workspace (chatroom) that you can join, if that's something that you'd like to do. Additionally, the owner of this website can contacted by email (arg [at] 256kilobytes.com), or found on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

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The 256 Kilobytes staff consists mainly of former Viagra salesmen who retired to post on Internet forums.

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August Garcia is some guy who used to sell Viagra on the Internet. He made this website to LARP as a sysadmin while posting about garbage like user-agent spoofing, spintax, the only good keyboard, virtual assitants from Pakistan, links with the rel="nofollow" attributeproxiessin, the developer console, literally every link building method, and other junk.

Available at arg@256kilobytes.com, via Twitter, or arg.256kilobytes.com. Open to business inquiries based on availability.

Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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