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Scripting and Automation

Information and discussion of scripting of various types.

Web Scraping, Data Analysis

Web scraping, crawling, and analyzing related data.


Spreadsheet applications, such as LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel

Machine Learning

Discussion of machine learning and artificial intelligence, such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, and such as image recognition.

Shell Scripting

Content on shell scripts, such as those written in Bash, PowerShell, the Bourne shell, and the Linux console.

Computer Programming

Content about programming computers.

Software Development

Content about software development, design, engineering, testing, debugging, documentation, and the other aspects that go into creating software.

Operating Systems and Low-Level Systems

Content related to low-level aspects of computer programming, such as creating operating systems, writing assembly code, memory management, data structures, garbage collection, and so on.

Database Development

Content about database related considerations and subjects in computer programming.

Web Development

Content about developing websites, web applications, and other similar projects.

Style and Layout

HTML, CSS, and related topics.


Discuss server-side development, such as PHP.


Discuss client-side web development, for example JavaScript.


Discuss database design and development, such as relational and NoSQL technologies like MySQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB.


Laravel, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Content-Management Systems

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupa, etc.

Web Hosting

Content on hosting websites, web applications, and other things that can be hosted on the web.

Computer Hardware

A section for computer hardware, equipment, and other physical technology.

Robotics and Automation

Shut the fuck up no one cares about your robot fanfiction. Know your fucking place, trash. Fucking robots. I don't give a fuck about no robots. They ain't got no soul.

Computer Builds

Content about building, assembling, planning, and otherwise working on custom computer builds.

Servers and Networks

Content about hardware used for server and network related purposes.


Content about computer peripherals, such as keyboards, headphones, computer monitors, office setups, and other ancillary devices.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics



Physics, chemistry, and other sciences


Content about, you know, technology.


Content about engineering, like how to build bridges and shit.


General content about mathematics, such as posting pictures of numbers.

Internet Marketing

Hell yeah. It's your favorite section. The section about cocksucking Internet marketing. Hell yeah.

Social Media Marketing

Content about digital marketing via social media platforms, such as MySpace, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Content about creating, maintaining, and improving, the reputation of brands, websites, people, and other entities.

Email Marketing

That feel when you are on an email marketing forum.

Search Engine Optimization

Sir, I can do you a nice S E O. Ping me on sk ype.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Content on pay-per-click advertising, such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords.

Affiliate Marketing

Content related to affiliate marketing. What a clasic subcategory of Internet marketing

Content Creation

You sure do need a lot of written, video, visual, and other content when running businesses.

Content Writing and Blogging

Content about content writing, article writing, blogging, sales letters, and other written content.

Video Content

Content about creating videos, animations, and related.

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Nice pictures.

Local and Offline Businesses

Great content for dentists and offbrand dentists.

Accounting and Finance

Content on accounting, finance, record keeping, and related subjects.

Administration and Operations

Day-to-day workflow.

Project Management

Content about managing projects, coordinating with teams, and so on.

Offline Marketing

Content about promoting companies, brands, websites, and/or people using marketing methods that don't involve the Internet.

Buy, Sell, and Trade

Content about buying, selling, and trading goods and/or services.

Hire a Freelancer

Content from users who are seeking replies from freelancers and/or job seekers.

For Hire

Content from users who are available for contract-based work, open to job offers, or otherwise available for hire.

Want to Buy

Content from users seeking to purchase goods and other commodities.

For Sale

Content from users who are selling goods and other commodities.

Hacking the Government

Content about hacking the US government, such as how to steal computercoins from the US Mint.

Information Security

Content about computer security.

Unintended Behavior and Exploits

Content about computer vulnurabilities, exploits, bugs, and so on.


Discuss assorted random garbage.


Content about news of various types, including news related to the other categories on 256 Kilobytes, as well as general news.

Garbage Can

High quality posts.

Quality-Users Forum

Pretend like this is hidden.

Moderator-Only Forum

Also pretend like this is hidden. #Secrets #Tunescool


A hidden section for subscribers with exclusive content, as well as private forum, answers, and wiki sections.


Content related to 256 Kilobytes, 256kilobytes.com, and related subjects.

Help, FAQ, and Support

Assistance with using the website and forum.

Feedback and Suggestions

Suggest features and provide other feedback.

Bug reports

Report any issues with the site.


Notifications about feature updates, changes to the website, and other information.

Computer Software

Content about various pieces of computer software.

Operating Systems

Content about computer operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


Content about virtual machines and other virtualization.

Office Suites

Content about office suites, such as Google Docs, LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, G. Suite, Outlook and email clients, and other productivity software. There is a separate forum specifically dedicated to spreadsheets.

Professional Tools

Content about various specialized tools and applications.

Web Browsers

Content about web browsers, such as FireFox, Google Chrome, and Opera, as well as content about related subjects and technologies.


Content about drivers, the low-level software used to communicate with a computer's hardware and devices.

Other Websites

For discussion of websites that aren't 256 Kilobytes.


Exclusive eBooks on Internet marketing, computer programming, freelancing, web development, making money online and other topics.