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Privacy Policy

For information on site terms and policies, reference the terms of service.


This document outlines the ways in which your personal data is used, as well as what data is stored. If you have questions about how your personal information is stored and used please contact us through the contact methods on the staff page.

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

Through your use of this site, you signify your acceptance of this policy and its contents in their entirety. If you do not wish to accept the terms of this policy, please do not use this site further.

Information that is Stored and/or Collected

The types of data that we hold and process include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Your IP address.
  • Your username.
  • Your email address.
  • Any data that you choose to add to your profile, such as name, location, and/or occupation.
  • Data that your browser provides via HTTP headers. This may include technical information about the device or browser that you are using, such as screen resolution, your choice of browser, and your choice of operating system.

Some or all of this data will be collected in the following instances:

  • When you browse this site. For more information, please see our “Cookie Policy” below.
  • When you register as a member on this site.
  • When you fill out a contact form.
  • When you fill out fields while creating your profile.

Additional information may be collected as needed or relevant.

How Your Personal Information is Used

Your personal information may be used in the following ways:

  • In order to register you as a member of this site.
  • To provide you with important announcements, updates, or notifications via email. You are able to opt-in or opt-out of emails like this from your personal profile.
  • For the purpose of preventing spam and other abuse of the website.
  • For data analytics, such as for the purpose of analysing trends in site usage and tracking statistics on the use of the website.
  • To provide the best possible user experience, such as by adapting the website to best fit your browser or device

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of data that your browser stores, which allow websites to provide assorted functionalities specific to you. They allow for you to log in, set certain preferences on your profile, and perform other actions.

The website may use this cookie data as relevant while you use our site, such as to assist in managing your settings, assisting in analytics, and ensuring ease of use.

Note that cookies are stored on your computer by your web browser. In the case that you would like to opt-out of the use of cookies, they can be disabled through your browser.

Requesting Access to Your Data

You may request to view a copy of the personal data that is stored on our servers. You may contact us through the contact methods on the staff page at any time to request a copy of this information. You may also contact us in order to complete or correct any personal information we are holding that you believe to be incomplete or inaccurate.

If you have an account, you can view, access, and update most of the data related to your account on your profile page.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time.

Your Traceable Data

When you browse the internet, the sites you access can view certain data about you. For your convenience, the table below shows your IP address as well as a non-exhaustive overview of data that your browser is providing to the sites that you visit.

Your IP Address3.239.4.127
Your User AgentCCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Your Browser[Bot] Other
Your Platform/OS[Bot] Other/None
Screen Resolution???
Browser Window Size???
Local Timestamp???
Local Timezone???