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For recommended deals from third parties, view the page for affiliate offers. For information on advertising, visit the page for advertisers. You can also find more information about 256 Kilobytes through the about page.

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Looking for web developers, content writers, graphic designers, programmers, and/or other professionals? Request proposals from prospective contractors, freelancers, and employees.

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Looking for web hosting, pre-built websites, tools, goods, and other commodities that you can buy? Post a request in the want-to-buy section.

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Are you tired of third-party freelancer platforms injecting themselves into your business transactions? Manage your own deals with no middlemen. Hire and buy from whoever you want however you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about advertising through 256 Kilobytes are answered below.

About the Marketplace

Are there any fees for using the marketplace?

There are no fees to buy services on the marketplace, besides whatever amount you agree to pay the seller.

Am I required to use a particular escrow, payment system, communication platform, or other system to communicate with sellers?

You can use whichever payment system, communication methods, and other setup works best for you and the seller. Freelancer and sales platforms that require specific tools or platforms to be used generally do so for the purpose of levying additional fees.

What communication methods should I use to talk to sellers?

Among other options, email, Skype, Slack, are all common options.

Assuming you have a 256 Kilobytes account, you can also communicate via private message. Additionally, if you are both in the 256 Kilobytes Slack chatroom, you can also communicate through there.

Do I need an account to buy from the marketplace?

An account is not required to work with sellers. Regardless, an account is recommended for the best user experience, as an account will allow you to:

  • Comment on sales threads with questions and/or feedback;
  • Send private messages to sellers; and
  • Allow a consistent identity for the purpose of establishing a positive reputation as a buyer.

About Marketplace Sellers

Are the marketplace sellers endorsed by or employees of 256 Kilobytes?

Sellers are independent and are not employees or contractors of 256 Kilobytes. Sellers have no specific endorsement from 256 Kilobytes.

Payments, Security, and Dispute Resolution

Does 256 Kilobytes mediate issue between buyers and sellers?

Any dispute resolution is left to you and the seller. You are free to post your feedback on sales threads as well.


I have some other question.

Feel free to either use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact us directly, or view the Help, FAQ, and Support section for the public support section. You can also view the page for advertisers for other relevant information.

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Additional Questions?

For any other questions, feel free to contact us.