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Does Black Hat SEO Work? 7 “Black Hat” Link-Building Methods that Are Used by Professional Spammers in 2019

Despite substantial advancements in detecting and preventing webspam, professional spammers continue to get rich in the increasingly-difficult game of black hat SEO. This subscriber-exclusive article overviews seven "black hat" link-building methods that are still used in 2019, along with a discussion of outdated techniques promoted by guru scam artists.

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing: Seven Years and Seven Figures of Internet Marketing Experience in Seven In-Depth Chapters

With blatant myths, scam artists, gurus, and cutthroat competition, Internet marketing can be a challenging and expensive career path. Avoid expensive mistakes and learn the direct path to building profitable online businesses in any niche. This subscriber-exclusive eBook overviews seven years and seven figures worth of Internet marketing knowledge in seven chapters: Choosing a Niche, Making Sales, Launching Your Website, an Internet Marketing Overview, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Buying Slaves.

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Rare Words 101: The Complete Beginner's Spoonfed Guide to Keyword Research Mastery

Learn how to find profitable, low competition keywords and how to rank them with effective content and onpage optimization. This 21-Part, six hour long subscriber-exclusive video series covers keyword research techniques, full of information designed to take absolute beginners to the professional level.

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Day 0: Make Amazon Sales in 10 days - Before we begin...

This is a guide to making money from Amazon, it includes everything you need to get started and will be a very practical demonstration. This is Day 0 and will serve as a piece of content to give you real expectations and presumed skills throughout the rest of the series.

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The Big, Old Guide to Hiring Contractors Online: How to Find Respectable Leads and Not Be Scammed Along the Way

The Internet is full of contractors that claim they have the skills to help with your project or business...and some of them actually do! This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about hiring online contractors, including choosing the right platform, writing job listings, screening applicants, managing projects, and avoiding common scams.

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Guest Posting Resource

Links for the boys. All the links, resell these links, use these links, build these links, rank with these links. Just links links links.

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Day 1: Make Amazon Sales in 10 days - How do you pick a niche?

Making money with Amazon. It all starts with a nice niche... But what type of website works well and how do you pick a good niche?

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Day 2: Make Amazon Sales in 10 days - Keyword Research and Site Structure...

Let's find some keywords homie.

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