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I have a bunch of URLs and domains and have a few tasks that seem like they could be done quickly with Google Sheets:

  1. Extract a domain from a subdomain. Ex:
    • dogs.wordpress.com --> wordpress.com
  2. Convert a domain to a URL. Ex:
  3. Convert a URL to a domain. Ex:

I've tried basic concatenation ("https://www."&A1) and basic removal of strings with SUBSTITUTE, but these only work for the most basic cases. If you have a bunch of URLs/domains, this causes some to convert incorrectly.

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Solutions Using Google Sheets

Extract domain from subdomain

Example input: howtogoaround.wordpress.com

  • =RIGHT(REGEXEXTRACT(D25, "\..*"), LEN(REGEXEXTRACT(D25, "\..*"))-1)

Something something check if subdomain / count numberof period (JK THIS IS IRRELEVANT GARBAGE):

  • =LEN(B120)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(B120,".",""))

Convert domain to URL



* Basically works

* Verbose with error handling

# Regex to convert URL to domain
* These only work if the URL
--> ends with a slash
--> Includes http or https

Extract the domain with www. if it is present in a URL:

Omit www. and get a pure domain name:
=IF(ISERROR(FIND("//www.",A2)), MID(A2,FIND(":",A2,4)+3,FIND("/",A2,9)-FIND(":",A2,4)-3), MID(A2,FIND(":",A2,4)+7,FIND("/",A2,9)-FIND(":",A2,4)-7))

=IF(ISERROR(FIND("//www.",K2)), MID(K2,FIND(":",K2,4)+3,FIND("/",K2,9)-FIND(":",K2,4)-3), MID(K2,FIND(":",K2,4)+7,FIND("/",K2,9)-FIND(":",K2,4)-7))

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