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Web design and development are two spiraling industries in the modern technology-based world. Almost all the information we gather on a daily basis comes from the web, might that be news or social gossip.

To have a foot in one or both of these industries is to have a grasp of the future to come. But to be successful, you need marketing skills. Digital marketing is the foremost method of being a successful web entrepreneur. Therefore, a guide to web design and development in a marketer's perspective is worth a lot.

Not everyone understands that no matter how good a web designer or developer you are, you need marketing skills to make products that work in the long term and provide an amazing user experience.

Let’s keep this post short and sweet, and to-the-point.

Web design

Web design is the designing of the look and style of a website. Web design mostly concerns itself with HTML for making the structure, CSS for adding the styles, and JavaScript for adding interaction. Images, web graphics, illustrations, video content, ad placements, website layout, responsive mobile layout, and many other disciplines fall under web design.

  • Design for users who scan. Stay clean and to-the-point. Cluttering with anything including ads is a sin in web design. Keep your UX simple yet pay attention to the details.

  • Make obvious what’s clickable. Give your content breathing space. Design minimalist. Focus on users’ attention, design appealing landing pages.

  • The sitemap should be clear before designing the website. Have a decent visual hierarchy in your pages. Follow conventions about navigation, personalization, content placement, and information gathering.

  • From a marketing perspective, your HTML should be clean. What this means is:

    • no useless inline styles appended to tags,

    • CSS should be minimal (I recommend you use SASS or LESS preprocessor for your CSS, they are Ruby- and JavaScript-based) for fast page load times,

    • images should only be as much as required (avoid display: none image attributes, they still make the browser download the images),

    • JavaScript should never come in the way of good user experience, and

    • graphics should be transferred to SVG as much as possible.

  • Make use of modern technologies like CSS3 rules and HTML5 elements. They have immense power. Subtle animations, the HTML5 canvas, semantic markup using the new tags, and on and on. Modern browsers can leverage these techniques in the fullest.

  • Testing and debugging are your best friends. Be willing to change things, and be frequent in that.

Web development

Web development is a completely different monster to tame. The web development process is a strict computer programming discipline. It abides by a lot of laws and conventions. It’s impossible to cover web development in one post, so we’ll try to look at the important stuff.

The web development terms are like a jargon. Read the article on Smashing Magazine to know more about some special web development terms. Web development is also called backend. How the web pages are served to user’s browser, what information is captured from the browsing session, what data is manipulated in real time for interaction purposes, etc. – everything comes under the radar of web development.

  • The web development process is wide. The programming languages most used for development are PHP and MySQL, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and C++, among others. Use the language that best fits your purpose. For some websites, you might need bleeding edge web apps. Make sure you create those web apps in Ruby or Python or something else that has the optimal support. Because if you use a language that's not really meant to design particular stuff with ease, then your users will be taking a toll.

  • Security is ensured by development. Data entry errors, certificate processing for e-commerce websites, malicious login attempts, etc. – everything related to the server where your website’s core files are uploaded. And web development is in charge of taking care of such things. As such, make sure your website has no security flaws. To be successful and to create and market successful websites, you need to make them secure. Google presents HTTPS:// websites on top others in most cases. Besides making sure there is no security problem with your website, I also recommend getting an SSL certificate. Some are available for free too! Use them to boost your website's visibility further.

  • The backend work is tough, and sometimes needs expert knowledge of networking, network security, shell programming, and database manipulation programming. If you don't have that knowledge, you are running the chance of letting your user experience be at fault. Proper networking knowledge is important to run a lot of niche sites, so either learn certain networking tactics or hire somebody who knows the stuff.

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Some design is good, some design is bad, and yet some design is just full retard Comic Sans with a rainbow gradient on it.

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