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Politics? Economy? Well, that's not why you're here. But bear with me. The Internet of Things has the potential to have a major impact on the two. And as a concerned citizen of the 21st century who is computer- and technology-savvy, it's our duty to understand the full extent of what could and would happen in the coming future. Sit back tight and read along!

An overview of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT, or Internet of Things, is a formidable aspect of the modern world. Internet users from students to rocket scientists are talking about it. Internet of Things, it is supposed, will supersede all technology and will spearhead the revolution yet to come: the interconnection of data and physical devices.

And people foresee IoT as the future quite rightfully. Internet of Things truly has the potential to be the next big thing. Things have progressed quite a good deal on this front already. Basically, what Internet of Things really means is a deeper connection between the internet (which is by now synonymous with information, as all we do is synchronized, tracked, monitored, and statistically compared for our own benefit) and the devices, gadgets, and even machinery we use.

For example, the best “thing” we can talk about is autonomous cars. Let us be frank – just five years ago, who would have imagined we would have the concept of autonomous cars almost materialized, tested, and ready to be mass-produced? These cars will function on their own on pre-specified routes. This is more advanced than airplane autopilots because in the air you do not have as much traffic as you will have in the near future.

Why IoT will reshape politics

Internet of Things has the potential to do a lot of things. Influencing politics is one of them. The core idea you need to grasp is that of a prospering democracy amid a world linked closely together with the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things facilitates anything with an electronic connection to be manipulated by the internet, or data, as we should be saying to be more precise about things. When all our devices are connected to the internet, who knows what kinds of patterns are being monitored?

In a democracy, freedom is one thing and privacy is another. The first way IoT aspires to reshape global politics is quite dangerous. Everything is scanned and monitored throughout our whole lifespans. Right now, many brands are already collecting different chunks, bits, and pieces of our day to day life happenings. This is going into a huge reservoir that has our names on it. This is our “online profile” where any sane person sitting behind a computer can tell exactly what kind of a person you are and what kinds of emotions you are going through currently if given that data to see.

This reservoir is dangerous.

Of course, in the near future, we will have devices that can monitor more than just our search histories and browsing patterns. They will be monitoring our moods, sentiments, and our offline behavior as well, I daresay. Where does that take us? A more detailed reservoir. This reservoir, if tapped in by incorrect authorities, can be used to manipulate us. And if the resources deployed are good enough, mass manipulation is possible as well.

Our filmmakers explore these dystopian ideas in their films every fortnight or so. And they are right when they think that our lives will be data in the future. Yes, all precautions will be taken to prevent the data from seeping outwards from their intended storages and finding a home in foreign, third-party authorities that might not wish for the best of us over theirs. But precautions are not developing at the pace at which these technologies are advancing.

There is one more way in which the Internet of Things will be influencing politics of the modern world. Internet of Things means every device is connected. That will mean a ton more applications will be there for our use. Many of these apps will be controlled by different parties that have a significant impact on our mentality. For example, the media, political parties, or big agencies.

When they have a big role to play in our daily lives as it is, just imagine how big a weapon will the Internet of Things be for them. Any company – corporate or nonprofit – would be able to manipulate large groups of people for their own dear purposes if they have the right tools and tricks under their belt. And seeing the explicitly open nature of the Internet of Things, it seems quite possible that acquiring these tools and tricks is not going to be particularly difficult, at least for powerful entities.

Nevertheless, let us not stray off from the point: how is IoT going to reshape politics? And for the good? In the positive light of things, there is a lot to talk about. For example, when more devices are interconnected and your presence as a voter is a complete whole, you can be more informed and conscious. Also, political campaigns would become more extendable and versatile. If certain policies are for children, the Internet of Things will make sure children get the information through their medium. If certain policies need to be known to the working professional only, those commuting to their work in their autonomous cars would get it easily.

And how will IoT reshape the economy?

The economy largely depends on predefined factors like the market, import-export, forex rates, oil, and so on. These things are although dynamic, but there are algorithms and calculations that do not even need manual assistance to perform. The economy works on computers, and even if all the humans were to be removed from the economy, it will still function – just that there will not be anyone to buy or sell anything.

Internet of Things, in that respect, can be a huge deciding factor. As we have already discussed the case of autonomous cars, let us see some other part of the Internet of Things this time to better illustrate the point.

An employed citizen of a country uses many devices. She watches TV, uses her kitchen fridge, uses a smartphone when going to work, uses her laptop when at work, switches over to a PC when a colleague has a problem, and uses many applications and forms of communication throughout her day to pass along messages and memos to important people, friends, and family.

In a connected whole, she functions properly. Remove her connections and she becomes a less productive human being. Productivity defines the economy. So, I hope the point is clearer now.

Internet of Things has the potential of making people more productive, which will greatly affect the economy of the world. If you get the information about some trade before a competitor, you will be able to make more bucks. If you were to get the details of a new deal, you will be able to better invest your money. So, when everything is connected, people will derive more profits in general terms. It is very natural to think of. That is how the Internet of Things will equip each person, individually, to contribute towards improving the economy.

As for the machinery of economy itself, when all our devices are seamlessly connected and with superfast connections – there will be fewer delays. Who knows, people working in the stock market might be able to monitor market trends while they are in the toilet! Of course, no real conclusions can be derived from the toilet scenario but the Internet of Things will surely make information more readily available and exposed. As a result, decisions will be made swiftly and I have reasons to believe that those results will be of higher quality as opposed to results made with delayed information, lack of information, or misinformation. In the economy, especially, these things matter more.

Lately, new inventions in the field have also been cropping up. I mean “smart stores.” These stores use many bleeding edge technologies like smart cards, automated carts, etc. and the services are delivered via the web, apps, and even augmented reality devices which just take the whole experience to a new level.

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