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Answers in Internet Marketing | By gaIetan

Published 7 months agoWed, 20 Mar 2019 00:14:41 -0700

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I want to start a cookie business and I want to offer it online. Does anyone have any experience they are willing to share on how to start a small online business?

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When dealing with a food business, you are going to want to make sure you have all the proper licenses in place, particularly health inspections and check on the regulations for shipping out of state. You are also going to want to know what type of liability insurance you are going to need to protect yourself against lawsuit if someone has an allergic reaction to something, such as nuts, or if you are making cookies that contain THC/ CBD products, as not all states allow this. As for the marketing aspect, take advantage of the free market places to advertise, such as Facebook Marketplace. There are free tools to make your own website, which is cost effective, but tred with caution. You want your website to be visually pleasing, easy to client interface, and work reliably. I would suggest reading up on things such as colors and geometric layout , which are marketing tools that inspire buying. Another thing you may want to try is working with others in related businesses, as they will often recommend you to their clients. An example of this is wedding cake bakers and wedding photographers. Determine what clientele you want to target. Corporate business, like to cater meetings, private clients, kids parties...you will also need to consider packaging, and offer upgrades that are nicer but have your logo on them. I suggest something people can use daily. Whitmans chocolates packaged theirs in a box with their theme or a sampler which people then used to keep embroidery thread in, as the theme suggested on the box. Worked now for over 50 years. Keeps your company name in front of them.

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