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Answers in Hacking the Government | By IncstedibleMrE1

Published 7 months agoTue, 19 Mar 2019 20:36:07 -0700

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Profile Photo - IncstedibleMrE1 IncstedibleMrE1 256KB Writer Carolina, PR
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I'm using Tor, but I'm having a problem. The reCaptcha is not showing up. What do I need to do to fix this?

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by IncstedibleMrE1 7 months ago 🕓 Posted at 19 March, 2019 20:36 PM PDT
Profile Photo - Zhaybib Zhaybib 256KB Writer Holdrege, NE
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Since the reCaptcha is not showing up while using Tor, you should restart the browser and/or restart your device properly.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by Zhaybib 7 months ago 🕓 Posted at 30 March, 2019 16:03 PM PDT

"You can't deny that it made him drive faster." - Some YouTube Commenter

Profile Photo - Default Al Gore Not President Beach House
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if recapture isn't working on Tor, you should probably kill yourself, because you're not going to fucking get that shit to work. it's going to take like eight and a half years for you to fucking solve any of the captchas ever even if they even fucking serve the fucking capture at all rather than just give you an error that says quote LMAO my fren you fucking don't even get a captcha cuz you can eat shit and die are fucking capture sucks dick in his stupid and excessive blow me and we only did it for free branding and I guess theoretically some shit about like training images of cars that's probably bulshit anyway. Anyway I'm at my beach house getting drunk.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by Al Gore 6 months ago 🕓 Posted at 22 April, 2019 09:29 AM PDT
Profile Photo - August R. Garcia August R. Garcia LARPing as a Sysadmi... Portland, OR
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The only real option is to

  • Click the onion in the top left
  • Select "new identify"
  • Repeat until you get an IP address that reCaptcha trusts slightly more than the other ones, at which point you will only need to spend five minutes actually solving the captcha rather than having the input rejected entirely.

Also see this post on reCaptcha solvers and the factors that reCaptcha uses for anti-spam.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by August R. Garcia 6 months ago 🕓 Posted at 22 April, 2019 22:28 PM PDT

Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

Profile Photo - Default teh man
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easiest just throw the computer in your trash

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by teh man 6 months ago 🕓 Posted at 25 April, 2019 12:34 PM PDT

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