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I have a non profit children's organization program that has a host with multiple modules connected to it's server. After researching a bit I have run into a question, What is VPS hosting?

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It's time to post in this thread.

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A VPS is a Virtual Private Server in which you choose an amount of RAM that you pay for monthly in order to securely host files and run programs from scripts through their websites. This can be used for several different people to share information with one another quickly and it can also be used to for running .bat files for video games and such.

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From the DreamHost review:

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Similarly to shared hosting, a VPS is running on the same physical hardware as other users. However, unlike shared hosting, all of the VPS’ resources are reserved for you and only you.

This means that performance is dedicated to your specific site and that processes are never killed (whereas on shared hosting, if your site hits a spike in traffic, its performance may be throttled for the benefit of other users on the server). Since a VPS is a virtual machine on a physical piece of hardware, a VPS can also easily be scaled; if you want to upgrade from 1 GB of RAM to 2GB, this can be done very easily in contrast to a dedicated server.


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VPS is an abbreviation for virtual privae server. This means it is a server contained in a more powerful host server. This host server contains multiple virtualized servers that a hosting provider then rents out. It's a great option for small businesses and non-profits because they get a server without having to pay the price for a dedicated (more powerful) server. I would highly recommend you click the link that August provides to read more!

- Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

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VPS hosting grants your site to available online.
Its file should be uploaded to a web server, you have to buy a web hosting service, there are lots of providers in the market where you can buy it.

Every user on a VPS server has access to a virtual machine running its own copy of an operating system. That allows customers to use VPS hosting to experience similar features and performance to a dedicated server for their sites.

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