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Following on from the announcement by our great leader, I've decided to write a short posts about the massacres the nation of New Zealand have faced over the years.

This violent nation has been host to multiple mass killings over the years.

Featherston POW Camp Riot - 1943

Death Count: 49


Featherson was a WW1 training camp that became a WW2 internment camp for captured Japanest soldiers, housing around 900 men at its peak.

During 1943 a sit in protest was taking place, prisoners refused to work and a Japanese military leader was shot and wounded as a result. Immediately around 240 prisoners charged at the prison officers who were armed with rifles which resulting in them shooting at the oncoming crowd resulting in the death of 30 prisoners and 1 guard.

There was over 70 prisoners wounded and a further 16 died of their wounds on the coming days.

Christchurch Mosque Shootings - 2019

Death Count: 50


On the 15th of March 2019 a Pewdiepie fan invaded a mosque in the middle of prayer and killed 50 people with a number of semi-fully-high-capacity-shotgun-AR15's.

The attack was full of internet references and memes, as was his manifesto document.

The event was livestreamed on facebook for the world to see and video of the event quickly spread, prompting the New Zealand government to make threats against those who viewed and shared the file including a 10 year prison sentence for anyone caught.

biggest massacres in new zealand

Boyd Massacre - 1809

Death Count: 66


In December 1809 the sailing ship Boyd arrived on the shores of New Zealand.

Once on land they made camp, but quickly came under attack by the native Maori Tribe who lived near Whangaroe Harbour. They killed between 66 and 70 of the crew members who consisted of white Europeans.

They did not stop there though, over the next few days the Maori Tribe ate the people the killed, it was thought to be one of the bloodiest instances of cannibalism on record.

Revenge attacks following death of Marion du Fresne - 1772

Death Count: 250


In 1772, French explorer Marion du Fresne and his fleet of ships landed on New Zealand to resupply ships.

When they landed they were met by the Maori Tribe, du Fresne is reported to have introduced himself, offered gifts and explained they would be gone in a week or two after restocking their ships and making repairs.

The Maori leader took the gifts, then spend a few days spying on their activity. Within a day or two du Fresne and 26 of his men were ambushed and killed while fishing.

His remaining crew didn't like this shit and quickly armed them selves with blunderbuses (primative rifles) and went on a killing spree in retaliation, runing the Tribe back to the village of Pa.

Once at Pa, the group of men (about 30 in number) continued their murder, dodging spears thrown at them and killing around 250 Maori before returning to camp and fleeing the island.

Battle of Minas - 1948

Death Count: 80,000+


In 2003 the great battle of Minas took place. Ancient New Zealand tribes lead by Sauron's Uruk Hai approached the castle of Minas, defended by soldiers of Rohan.

A long close fought battle took place. Uruk Hai and the army of Rohan had met before, the Uruk Hai army were nice enough to return the heads of the fallen. As is tradition in New Zealand.

Saurons army came well prepared, with trebuchets but they did not account for Gandelf the Whites leadership and power.

They were unable to defeat the men of Rohan, as captured in Peter Jacksons documentary, Lord of the Rings.

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