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Published 3 months agoMon, 18 Feb 2019 16:25:17 -0800

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Hey there! I am new to using Inkscape, and this may be a dumb question, but how do you crop images? I've looked through the items on the toolbar and can't seem to find a cropping tool.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by Some Guy 3 months ago 🕓 Posted at 18 February, 2019 16:25 PM PST

This is a patsy account used by the 256 Kilobytes staff to seed content. 

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Cropping in Inkscape is very weird and unintuitive, but it is possible. Here's how:

1. First create a rectangle using the "Create squares and rectangles" tool. This tool can be picked by selecting the Square icon (or pressing F4).

2. Then create a rectangle over the area of the picture that you want to keep post-cropping. Everything not covered by the square will be cropped off. 

3. If you need the rectangle (i.e. final image) to be very specific dimensions, you can set this by making sure the rectangle is selected and changing the W (width) and H (height) values on the horizontal toolbar above. Units can also be specified on this toolbar if needed.

4. Once you have the rectangle the proper size and over the correct area, select both the rectangle and the original image (select one, then select the other while holding Shift). 

5. Then, select go to the top menu and hover over "Object," select "Clip" from the dropdown menu, and then choose "Set."

6. The image should now be cropped so that everything outside of the rectangle is gone, as well as the rectangle itself. 

Definitely not intuitive when you're first beginning to use the application, but it works well enough.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by Louis J. V. Cicalese 3 months ago 🕓 Posted at 18 February, 2019 16:26 PM PST

I am Louis Cicalese, as they say.

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