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The internet's most asked Affiliate Marketing questions - Affiliate Marketing FAQ!

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Published 1 week agoSat, 09 Feb 2019 21:38:57 -0800

Affiliate Marketing is a respectful and honest way to make money online. Ever wanted to review the next generation of camping chairs for a living? Well now you can!

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Affiliate Marketing Questions

How do I start an affiliate marketing business?

It depends on what sort of business you want to create. There are a few sides to this dice that you can roll:

A publishing business
This is very easy to set up, you simply start something like a website, social profile or YouTube channel and use your audience to advertise products to.

A network
You need to convince businesses where affiliates trust you to pay them, and businesses trust you to run and manage their affiliates for them. This isn’t always easy. You’re probably going to need connections and have an idea how to do this before you do it, derp.

A merchant
Merchants create/supply the products that publishers/affiliates sell and advertise. Lots of people have success creating programs and courses on platforms like ClickBank where affiliates will sell on their behalf. You should probably have a background in publishing before you try this so you know what they look for and what publishers need.

How do I become a successful affiliate marketer?

Successful affiliate marketers are good at what they do, they find a formula that works for their niche and just rinse and repeat it. The most successful websites pick a niche and dominate it, becoming the authority and most trustworthy source of information.

Pick a niche, deliver outstanding content, dominate it, become THE authority and you will be successful.

How much do affiliate marketers make?

Affiliate marketing income can vary between individuals greatly. Professional affiliate marketer Corey Preiss makes just $600 per year through affiliate marketing, but $1000’s per day playing slots.

Meanwhile there are other affiliates who make $3000+ per day because they picked a niche that pays well and just dominated it.

A good general rule of thumb when researching websites is for every 10,000 visitors they receive per month, they make $1000.

Can you make good money from affiliate marketing?

There are people and companies out there making millions per year. So yes, of course you can make good fucking money.

Can you really make money in affiliate marketing?

If you are smart, not a retard and dedicate yourself to a project and follow through producing the content visitors want, yes you can make money with this.

10,000’s of people out there do this for a living. Some of the worlds biggest companies are cottoning on to this fact and you’re seeing the failed media industry with websites like the New York Times starting to put out content with affiliate links.

How do I get a job in affiliate marketing?

No one really has a job here, we are all unemployable fucks who hate the idea of working for a talentless manager or making a bald man richer while you sit there taking orders and selling your fucking soul to the system you fucking despise.

The only real jobs are affiliate managers and people that work on the merchant or network side. These people are just failed affiliate marketers that also hate their life but possibly even more than affiliates did because they see retards who don’t wake up until 2pm and have already made $300 that day asking them stupid questions or complaining about things.

If you want to work in affiliate marketing on the network or merchant side, perhaps keeping an eye out on the careers section of their website is a good place to start or seeking out recruitment agencies that specialise in this space.

How do I become an Amazon affiliate?

To become an Amazon affiliate you simply need to sign up to their program and fill in some simple tax information. You can find more information here:


How do I start affiliate marketing from scratch?

To keep this super simple, to start affiliate marketing from nothing all you need is a method to drive traffic and an offer to promote.

If you joined some public facebook groups and signed up to Amazon you could be making money right away with the right content. Affiliate marketing is very simple, drive traffic to your offer and hope it converts, it’s just that some methods like PPC, SEO are more scalable and long term than spamming facebook friends with your weight loss berries.

How long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing?

If you are starting from nothing and want to do this properly with a scalable non-manual traffic generation method like SEO, I would say you can expect to make money on month 6.

You’re going to need time to build your website, you’re going to need time to rank your website in search engines and get traffic. Then you’re going to need to earn enough money to get over the minimum payment threshold (usually $100) and then, when all this is done 60-90 days later, they will mail you a cheque (depending on the program).

When you’re starting from nothing all this takes time but stick to it. The money will continue to flow once you get to that point and quickly grow, but you’re not going to make money overnight.

How do online affiliate marketers make money?

They get paid a commission or “bounty” to drive traffic to merchants who sell products. The more traffic they drive, the more sales they will usually make and the more money they make.

Can you make money with Clickbank?

Yes, ClickBank is a very popular and powerful platform for affiliates.

What is Amazon affiliate marketing?

Amazons affiliate program recruits’ webmasters and online personalities (AKA influencers (shoot me)) to sell their cheap rope online. It’s just another affiliate program.

Can we do affiliate marketing without a website?

Yes, lots of people who are famous on social media platforms like YouTube do affiliate marketing. Not all affiliate marketing programs allow traffic like this but if you have an audience on any online platform (Instagram, Facebook Pages/Groups, Tumblr Blogs, YouTube channels…) that you can use to drive traffic to affiliate offers you will be successful.

How can I succeed in affiliate marketing for free?

You’re going to have a harder time if you have no money to invest in marketing, but there are options if you have the skills and don’t mind manual work which other people might automate with tools or pay other people to complete for you.

You might want to look at parasite SEO, using other peoples web platforms like forums or web 2.0’s to rank in Google instead of your own website.

You might also want to open a social media account and attract some followers or even a YouTube channel that reviews products and drive traffic this way.

You will probably have slower results, but it’s possible if you put in the work.

How do I break into affiliate marketing?

Starting affiliate marketing is not hard, figure out what offers you want to promote and then create a method to drive traffic to these offers. Once you have a method, scale it and earn even more money.

What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?

Amazon’s Associates program is very good for beginners, it offers a great range of products to promote and flexible terms.


How do I become an Amazon affiliate marketer?

Sign up, pick some products, produce content for these products and collect cheques.


How do I become an online affiliate?

Sign up to an affiliate program, learn their rules, make some content for this product and promote the content. This might involve growing social media followings or building a website.

It’s very simple, just needs a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work.

How do I start an affiliate program for my business?

If you want to create your own affiliate program the easiest way is to use a network such as ClickBank or Share a Sale. These networks will handle everything from tracking sales, analytics and have 1000’s of successful affiliates looking for offers everyday.

You can also develop your own solutions, there are lots of plugins available for this on most popular platforms like WordPress or Magento. But if you go down this route and you don’t use a network you’re going to have to find your own affiliates, which might be hard when you don’t have the trust behind you that networks bring.

What companies have affiliate programs?

Literally thousands. You will find referral programs and affiliate programs to be common place in almost any industry. If you are looking for offers from specific companies try searching “[company name] affiliate program” in a search engine of your choice.

How Much Can Affiliate Marketers Make?

Unlimited money.

Can you make money with Amazon affiliate program?

Yes, Amazon’s affiliate program is very good and easy to make money with.

What percentage does Amazon pay affiliates?

If depends on a few factors, the most important is which category the product your promoting is in.

Some categories pay nothing, 0%. Some pay 10% and there are also bounties available such as $5-$10 for things like people signing up to Amazon Prime or Audible from your traffic.

The more sales you make the higher your commissions can be also, they have tier systems for their program that means the most successful affiliates get paid slightly more.

Amazon will not pay out on orders which come from your IP address, are delivered to your own address or come from your account. If they believe the order is connected to the affiliate they will not pay the commission on these products but you may briefly see these sales in your affiliate dashboard.

Does Amazon affiliate pay for clicks?

No. Amazon commissions come from affiliate sales and bounties only. They do not pay for traffic or impressions.

Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Yes, filthy high-level capitalism rich.

Can you make money in affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can make a lot of money.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing?

The best niche for you is the one where you can generate the most traffic with the lowest cost.

There is no single “best niche”, if you are looking for the kind of things that are good niches:

  • Low competition, easy to generate traffic for.
  • High value products with high commission so you get paid more per sale.
  • High volume so you have a lot of people to drive to your offers.

If you can get all of these in 1 niche work your dick off and milk it for every dollar you can.

How do I create a website for affiliate marketing?

Follow our affiliate marketing guide, it’s all covered here

***insert link later***

How do you get paid for affiliate marketing?

It depends on the network or merchant you are working with. Some pay directly into your bank, others may pay by cheque or PayPal. Some also offer payments in Cryptocurrency.

What is the best online business to make money?

Affiliate marking offers affiliates the chance to sell any product, without silly time-wasting shit like customer service and packaging products.

How does Amazon affiliate marketing make money?

Amazon affiliate marketing works in the exact same way as any other affiliate marketing program. You simply promote products through your blog or social profile and if people buy them you get paid a percentage.

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

Gambling, Software and Self Help all have high pay outs. You just have to look around and see what areas you can compete in and go from there. Often high payouts mean you’re going to be competing in extremely difficult niches where you need a huge amount of resources to do anything in.

There are also niches which require very specific customers such as companies paying commissions on people who are admitted to rehab or companies looking for leads for solar energy installations from people in very specific locations.

Most affiliate networks make it easy to sign up and sort their offers by payout.

What are the most profitable niches?

Self-Help, Weight Loss, Gambling are all very profitable. You might also see high value in areas like web hosting, VPN’s (and other software) where the lifetime value of a customer is very high.

What are the most profitable affiliate programs?

There are literally 1000’s out there and I don’t believe there is a central database for this information. You will have to sign up to some networks and sort through them via the highest commissions or highest EPC.

I know rehab facilities are paying over $1000/lead though. Tesla has a rewards program that has an effective payment of $2500/sale. Some Amazon products cost $10,000’s and would also offer pretty awesome returns too.

What is the best affiliate marketing course?

Affiliates who make the most money and have the most to teach you are too busy doing affiliate marketing to make $19 courses worth it financially for them.

The people who make these courses are the people NOT making money from affiliate marketing.

Go spend your money on a domain, write some content and find a traffic source. Don’t give it to retards selling KNAWLEDGE.

What are the best affiliate programs to join?

Join all of them, that way you can see exactly what they are paying, what the offers are, what traffic sources are allowed and make an informed and intelligent decision on what offer suits you best.

Can you make a living from affiliate marketing?

Yes, 1000’s of businesses and people are in this industry and a lot of people make a living through this. If you can make $10 online you can make $10,000. Just scale it up bro and make the shekles flow.

How does Amazon's affiliate program work?

Amazons affiliate program works the same as any other affiliate program. You sign up, set up some content, send traffic and count the checks homie.

It depends on what network you’re in, but typically you will find your personal links inside your affiliate dashboard on that specific offer page.

What percentage do Amazon affiliates make?

Amazon Affiliates can make money through commissions. Some categories like Luxury/Beauty or Amazon Coins (for in app purchases) will earn you 10% of the sale. Some categories like giftcards will payout 0%. It’s worth printing out the fee chart which is available in your dashboard or below (accurate in Feb 2019).

how much does amazon pay its affiliates?

Amazon also offers bounties such as signing users up to Audible or Kindle. These are usually fixed amounts that vary from month to month, typically paying $3-$10 per action.

Which affiliate network is best?

They are all very similar, just check their reputation through a Google search or ask about them on a forum before you sign up if you have never heard of them before.

There is no “best”, it all depends on what you want. I find ClickBank very good for courses, ebooks and self-help. Share a Sale are good for ecommerce type offers and coupons. Amazon are best if you’re promoting products (and can count them as a “network”).

Who is the best affiliate marketer?

Affiliate Marketers who are busy actually making money from this are too busy too spend their time on twitter or internet marketing forums sharing how rich they are or selling $19 ebooks about making money online. Some affiliate networks have internal leader boards where you can track who is making money and who isn’t, but even if you know who was the best what difference would it make you fucking retard.

How do you get paid on ClickBank?

ClickBank pays by a number of methods, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer or Payoneer. Their default is check but can change this in your account settings. Some payout options like Payoneer carry a small processing fee.

Is ClickBank a good way to make money?

Yes, many people make money online from ClickBank. They have a lot of offers you can use and market to your traffic and they have a good reputation from affiliates.

Does ClickBank cost money?

If you are signing up as a publisher (affiliate) ClickBank is free to use. If you are using their network to advertise your offers, they take a percentage and may charge a monthly fee.

Do you have to pay for ClickBank?

To use ClickBank as an affiliate (publisher) ClickBank is free to use for you.

If you are signing up as a merchant and you want them to market your offer to their users, they charge a small percentage of sales it may generate.

How much you can earn from affiliate marketing?

You can make $10,000’s per day in affiliate marketing, many people have become rich because they got involved in this space.

How do website visits make money?

It depends on how the website is monetising traffic, there are many options from affiliate marketing, advertising, selling products directly to consumers and selling their information to advertising agencies.

How do I become a ClickBank affiliate?

Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is very simple, just sign up here:


How do I get products for affiliate marketing?

Usually affiliates must either review products without getting their hands on them based on other peoples reviews on platforms like Amazon or buy them out of their own pocket. It’s rare that you get sent products by manufacturers unless you set up your own deal with them.

How much does adsense pay per 1000 views?

Adsense payments depend on several factors, the most important being the niche that your website is in which alters the adverts that Google will show. If your blog is about insurance your CPM will be much higher than a blog about being a parent as businesses spend much more money on insurance than parenting.

If your blog shows 3 ad blocks, visitors click on 3 pages per visit and your CPM is $1, you will make $9 per 1000 views. You also have to keep in mind that the majority of advertisers will also big on a “cost per click” basis, so you only get paid if people click.

What are the steps to start affiliate marketing?

The principal of affiliate marketing is very simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Find something to promote via an offer in an area you can compete in.
  2. Generate traffic with Social Media, SEO, Email lists or any other method you’re good at.
  3. Count cheques.

How much I can earn from my website?

There are many factors in answering a question like this. It depends on how much traffic you get and what niche you’re in. 

A good rule of thumb is you should be making $100-$200 per 1000 visits. This is roughly what my affiliate portfolio makes.

What is Clickbank affiliate marketing?

ClickBank is an affiliate network that offers people the chance to sell products to their audience and receive a cut of the revenue you generate.

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