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Published 1 week agoWed, 06 Feb 2019 15:16:06 -0800

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I want to buy my husband a new laptop so I started shopping around on eBay and the really nice ones that are within my budget say open box, what does that mean?

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Open box means the package is opened. It's not strictly second-hand. See, what happens on eBay (and countless other online shopping portals) is that sometimes a customer purchases a product (laptop in this case), opens the box/seal, and doesn't like the function, so he/she places a return request.

eBay then checks if the product is working as new. If it is, it will re-sell (or re-list) it with the open box tag instead of returning the piece to the seller or manufacturer. Discounts are usually included for open box items, but you're not getting a second-hand item or malfunctioning item. It's just as new.

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