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Hypothetically, how would you knock another person off of Skype? How would a person perform a DDoS to kick this person off of Skype?

Are there particular pieces of software that people use for this type of attack?

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This is a debug account.

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Stirrups in the gaming scene might have given you the idea. What happens is that once you know someone's Skype username, they can use free resolvers to get your IP address. These resolvers are available all over the internet. However, this has been patched and now you can only get the most recent IP address.

Skye is a peer to peer VoIP service that games often use regardless of its high resource usage. Once you have a person's Skype username, you can resolve the IP address by running a Google search for free Skype IP resolvers. Then once you have an IP address, you can run a DDoS attack just like how it's usually run, nothing special for DDoSing Skype.

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It seems to be possible to determine a user's IP address from a Skype call/account. Plausibly via Right Click --> Inspect Element --> Network Tab. And if you know someone's IP address, you could hypothetically attempt to DDoS or regular DoS that IP. At that point it would be the same as any arbitrary denial-of-service attack.

Also, probably don't do that, since it is clearly illegal, especially if you're actually doing a distributed denial-of-service attach that involves breaking into or otherwise "hacking"/controlling a bunch of other people's computers that you don't have the authority to access.

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