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I have recently installed the Sony Vegas video editing software. The current version I am running is Sony Vegas PRO 14. Can you give me some general information on how to use this software and its various functions?

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Let me give you a brief introduction to the software. If you have prior experience with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, then things will be easy to follow for you when you launch the software. But if you have no experience, then you will need to learn everything from scratch. Fortunately, learning Vegas PRO 14 is not at all taxing. The software is intuitive and the user interface is smooth, clean, and quick to grasp. Skip the next paragraph if you have prior video editing experience.

So, you are new to video editing. I remember the time when I was. The editing seemed like a lot of hard work, especially using complex software. But it's not so at all. Video editing is about logic: what footage you need when you need it, and what part of it you don't need. Between those clips, you can have effects. Add audio and then render at 1080p for uploading on YouTube. That's pretty much the most general, basic thing to say. But that's where you should start. The interface is straightforward but might seem overloaded. In the very left is the panel from where you get your media: pictures, image sequences, videos, audio clips, and so on. The black screen is the output window, clear enough. While you are editing a video, you will need to preview it again and again. It's a good practice to preview in half the original quality so there is lesser lag if any, and also it consumes lesser resources. In the bottom, you have the timeline. The timeline is where you drag-and-drop clips. Audio clips, video clips, images and image sequences, etc. go here. The aim is simple: Add one video clip or image after the other. There should be no gaps. And when you hit play, you can easily see how it will look.

Basically, editing is about adding one video clip after another. If you have one video only that you want to edit, then you will need to cut the video. It is basically splitting the video. The split tool can be accessed from Edit > Split or by pressing the S key. Pressing the S key is useful if you need to make multiple cuts, as it's faster. Press S and add cuts to your video. You can press the Delete button if you want to delete any segment. Split divides the video into two parts. If you want to split from a specific point of time, set the market (the timeline has a market that you can move around) to that particular frame and then use the split tool for perfect precision.

Play, stop, fast-forward, repeat, etc. buttons are right there in the center of the screen. You can find the audio mixer on the right side of the output window. It can be used to check audio levels. Audio is one of the more important parts of the video editing process.

Sony Vegas PRO is, in fact, a very efficient and powerful audio editing program. Sure, it doesn't have the qualities of Audition or even Audacity's core capabilities but that's because it's a commercial video editor. But Sony Vegas PRO started off as an audio editing program and a lot of audio functions, effects, presets, as well as automated processes, are available to produce better audio or to have better audio along with your video.

Besides splitting, rearranging, and importing media, there is not much I can cover in "general information". I would also like to recommend this video for Sony Vegas PRO 14 beginners to learn more about the interface, common tools, and the layout in general.

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Some design is good, some design is bad, and yet some design is just full retard Comic Sans with a rainbow gradient on it.

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