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Published 3 months agoWed, 06 Feb 2019 14:33:12 -0800

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I am looking for some help with Freesync. I am trying to set it up and don't no where to start. Could anyone tell me how to set up Freesync please, or point me to a self help video on it.

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Setting up the Radeon FreeSync is a matter of a few clicks. Let's see how you can do that.

I hope you already have what's required: The game (or app) must use DirectX 9 or higher. You should have a FreeSync capable monitor. And as goes without saying, you need an AMD Radeon graphics card because, well, FreeSync is an AMD technology.

A few monitor prerequisites are highly recommended. Radeon FreeSync is enabled on compatible monitors. Check the menu (OSD menu of a monitor) to learn more. If there's an anti-blur option, disable it. Also, set DisplayPort to 1.2 or higher.

Now, right-click your desktop and choose the AMD Radeon Settings option that comes on the very top. If you don't have an AMD Radeon card, this option won't show up. For example, if you're having an Nvidia card, the Nvidia Control Panel will be the first item you see.

Once the Radeon Settings window is open, you will find certain sections on the top bar. Choose the Display tab. Here, the first option is going to be AMD FreeSync. Turn it on, and it's set up!

This turns FreeSync on for all applications and games. If you want individual games to use FreeSync and certain games or apps not use it, then you can set profiles too. Go to the Gaming tab (the first one) and select the particular game (you can also use the little "Add" button on the top-right to add a new game or app if it isn't shown on this screen).

Clicking the particular game will open a number of AMD technologies and graphics card features for that particular game. You can find the AMD FreeSync button here and turn it on or off. This saves a separate custom profile for this app or game and these settings will override global configuration.

Basically, FreeSync locks the monitor's refresh rate to the framerate of the graphics card. This eliminates tearing and stuttering, especially while playing games.

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