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Published 3 months agoWed, 06 Feb 2019 14:32:52 -0800

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I recently purchased a pair of monitors for my computer. Do you know how long they will last before I need to purchase new ones ?

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A little bit of backstory is necessary. Just saying "a monitor" isn't specific, really, to answer how long will it last.

Monitors are one of the most complex systems in current computing technology. But commercialization of monitors for better sales has discouraged this viewpoint from cropping up in consumer mentality. For a consumer, a monitor is just that -- a monitor and has a shelf life. In truth, things are very different. Monitors have seen a huge evolution from CRT to today's UHD curved setups. For you, a monitor might be just about the screen size (the amount of virtual real estate you're going to have) and the resolution (the more content you can fit in that virtual real estate). For gamers, there might be another component of interest, like the refresh rate or support for AMD FreeSync. But in truth, there's so much more. Backlit IPS displays, which is a very specific kind of monitors, still have more differences between models that are important. And this is where we come to our answer.

CRT monitors had a life span of 20-30k hours. LCD monitors have a span of 30-60k hours. So, if you use the monitor for 7 hours a day, you can use them for 12-24 years. If you increase the average time one hour to eight hours a day, life drops to 10-20 years. So, always turn off your monitor when not in use.

An unrelated note: I'd also recommend putting your system to sleep because capacitors also have a shelf life, among other CPU parts. And this turns the monitor off automatically, consuming only a little bit of power.

LED monitors are more high-end. They have better contrast, consume less power, produce less heat, and offer really thin panels. They have more life than LCD monitors, but it's debatable because some LCD monitors may be functional for more years than LED monitors in many cases.

LCDs also have panels. The Twisted Nematic or TN panel is good for everyday use as its color reproduction is poor but it has increased response times. Viewing angles and contrast ratios are shit, really. They are good for working on Excel and watching a YouTube video every now and then. Not good for anything where color is important. They last longer than other kinds of LCD panels.

IPS or In-Plane Switching panels are really good for graphic designers. They have amazing color reproduction capabilities as well as a good range of viewing angles. These are vibrant, color-accurate, and have a good contrast ratio. But they have lesser life than TN panels, and sometimes they have lesser life than CRT monitors.

If a graphic designer uses an IPS LCD monitor for 10-12 hours a day (because let's be frank, graphic designers are not humans and they don't need sleep), and a programmer uses a CRT monitor for 10 hours a day, the CRT might have a longer life than the LCD.

Our lesson: Monitors are tricky and it's hard to have a sure-shot say about how much a specific kind of monitor will work efficiently before creating problems. It not only depends on the kind but the kind of work you're doing and mostly on for how long you let it produce the heat continuously in a day.

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