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I recently purchased an Epson printer. It's been working fine but today I got an error code on my screen. It says "error code 0x97". Does anyone know what this is about? How do I fix this?

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This is a debug account.

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This is an indicator of a hardware problem. Internal hardware at that. Don't panic, your motherboard is alright. (Or is it? When was the last time you cherished its many conductors or groomed it by dusting it off? Motherboards sit in a dark corner and they need your love too. Dark corners are sad, man.)

The first try for you should be unplugging and replugging your printer. Completely disconnect all cables, including the USB cables, and replug all of those back in. Removing cartridges is also recommended. When it's in the deep-off state, the printer still has some charge. Keep the power button pressed and it will release all charge. Keep it in this state for a good 5 minutes. Now, reinstall the cartridges and turn the printer on.

If the error message still persists, you need to reset it. Turn it off, disconnect all cables, let the printer cool down, and press and hold the power button for 60 seconds straight. Keep the button held down still and plug in the power cord. Hold for another 60 or so seconds. Release the button.

Some printers, especially the XP-830 models, might need the cleaning of the mechanic pad. Again, turn off and unplug everything. Wipe the cleaning pad clean with a tissue paper wet with warm water. Don't spill water anywhere else. You might also leave the tissue there after an initial wipe for further cleaning. Remove it after a few minutes and let the pad dry off completely, naturally. Now, plug in and turn it on.

Customer support is the next fix!

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Some design is good, some design is bad, and yet some design is just full retard Comic Sans with a rainbow gradient on it.

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