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Finding Expired Domains with Screaming Frog's External Link Report

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Published 6 months agoMon, 04 Feb 2019 21:12:33 -0800

Finding expired domains can be super valuable for SEO, he's a quick and easy way to do this with Screaming Frog.

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Finding expired domains can be a big deal for people looking to take over a niche in SEO. They have a wide range of uses for smart people, some of these include:

  • Using their exisitng authority for a new website
  • Restoring content to help preserve the internet (a whitehat PBN)
  • Blog networks
  • Other smart things I can't think of at 5am.

They have a huge range of uses, that's what my point is.

I covered most of the above points in this tutorial here where we did something similar to score high authority redirect links, but for those who work in super niche areas relying on scrapers like ahrefs might not work for you. While they are great at working on the wider web, they are not going to get super industry specific domains in enough detail for you to pick up links like this. 

So, here is a trick you can do with Screaming Frog which will help you crawl, gather and export all the external domains on a particular website. 

Step 1: Open Screaming Frog

Derp. You're going to need it and you're going to need to have an idea of the website you want to target that will have these links. This whole process is going to be slower than simply downloading the Ahrefs external link report as in the original article, so if you've not checked ahrefs I would do that first.

Enter your domain into the "Enter url to spider" box and let the crawl run.

Finding domains for PBN with Screaming Frog

Once this has crawled everything and made a report you're ready to export, head to "Bulk Export" > "External Links" and save your file somewhere.

If you have more than 1 site to run you may want to start the next crawl now to save time.

Step 3: Cut URLs to root

Opening the file in the program of your choice (for me, excel but Google works also) you will see something like this:

Screaming Frog External Links

This isn't so useful in it's current form, We need to copy the "destination" column and head to a tool that will turn these boring URL's into root domains.

You have a few options, you can use online tools to do this but seeing as the next step from our original tutorial used scrapebox I will just use that.

Before going further it's worth noting the source column in the report, if there is a particular part of the target website you want to ignore for whatever reason you can filter these out fairly easily in excel and Google sheets. Sorting this column alphabetically will make it easy to hit a particular sub-folder or sub-domain.

Opening Scrapebox we will import our URL list like so:

scrapebox import url list

Next we need to trim the domains to root, this option is in the "Trim..." menu.

And finally, we need to filter duplicate domains. This is in the filter menu.

filter duplicate domains

From this point you should now have a list of all the external domains from your target website, you now need to check their availabiliy which is outlined here

Once you have your domain, you can of course do what you wish with it.

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Speaking of people using expired domains, there's a footnote about ShrekChan in this article, which has apparently been turned into a C- Tier PBN for diet pills (or something);

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by Some Guy 6 months ago 🕓 Posted at 08 February, 2019 15:52 PM PST

This is a patsy account used by the 256 Kilobytes staff to seed content. 

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The shekels must flow brother. I will implement this idea for my website, I expect to get many more visitors.

- Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

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