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How to crawl a sitemap with Screaming Frog

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Screaming Frog is a great tool for SEO, helping SEO's fix errors and run audits on their website. Today we will be looking at a feature of Screaming Frog.

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Screaming Frog is a great tool for all sorts of uses.

It's basically a tamed spider that crawls your website exactly as Google Bot would, except it gives you the data from the crawl in the form of a report allowing you to fix errors.

There are times when letting the Screaming Frog spider crawl your website on it's own won't really do the job, examples of this include:

  • You're crawling someone elses website
  • You only want to crawl a part of your website
  • You're scraping content and only want to visit the URL's where this content is contained.
  • You're website has orphan pages or subdomains
  • You're testing a website before launch so linking/archive pages are not available
  • Fuck it, some other retarded reason

Screaming Frog DDOS

To do this you may find yourself wishing you can crawl the website via the sitemap, well you can!

Step 1: Find the sitemap

I'm going to assume everyone is a responsible person and they are crawling their own website, so finding sitemaps should be very easy. However for those who are not responsible or you don't know where your sitemap is, viewing the robot.txt file of most websites will lead you directly to this.

This can be found at:

You can also use google, a search similar to this will probably find most sitemaps.

site:domain.com sitemap xml

Step 2: Tell Screaming Frog where the sitemap is

Now we know where this is, lets load it into Screaming Frog.

Head to "Configuration" > "Spider", you will see this screen.

Screaming Frog Sitemap Crawling

Note: If you can't see this, please update your program.

Load your sitemaps into the box highlighted, if you have multiple sitemaps just put one per line.

Click "OK" when complete.

Step 3: Crawl baby crawl

Now Screaming Frog knows what to do, enter the domain in the crawl field and click "Start".

Screaming Frog will now be crawling your sitemap(s) loaded in the previous step.

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