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[Laravel/PHP] How to Make a “Recently Viewed Posts” Widget

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Holy shit, use krsort(), not arsort().

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Okay, you fucking cocksuckers, I'm going to stab myself for the reason stated in the description.

Anyway, here's some code to make a fucking "recently viewed posts" widget in Laravel/PHP.

[Laravel/PHP] How to Make a “Recently Viewed Posts” Widget


Main PHP Function

// The actual function to call to push the current page into the "recently viewed posts"
// cookie data. The only Laravel functionality here that isn't in plain PHP is the Laravel
// cookie library:
// https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/requests#cookies
// Also \Request::url(), which gets the current URL:
// https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/urls#accessing-the-current-url
function push_current_page_to_recently_viewed($post_title="Some Post") {
        // Configuration Variables
        $num_to_store     =    5; // If there are more than this many stored, delete the oldest one
        $minutes_to_store = 1440; // These cookies will automatically be forgotten after this number of minutes. 1440 is 24 hours.

        // Create an object with the data required to create the "Recently Viewed" widget 
        $current_page["name"]       = $post_title;
        $current_page["url" ]       = \Request::url(); // The current URL  

        // Get the existing cookie data from the user 
        $recent                  = \Cookie::get(  'recently_viewed_content');

        // Since cookies must be strings, the data is stored as JSON.
        // Decode the data.
        // The second parameter, "[w]hen TRUE, returned objects will be
        // converted into associative arrays."
        $recent                  = json_decode($recent, TRUE);

        // If the URL already exists in the user's history, delete the older one
        // Note -- If there are multiple URLs for individual posts (GET variables, etc)
        // Possibly rework to include a unique post ID (or whatever) 
        if ( $recent ) {
                foreach ( $recent as $key=>$val ) {
                        if ( $val["url"] == $current_page["url"])
                                unset( $recent[$key] );

        // Push the current page into the recently viewed posts array 
        $recent[ time() ] = $current_page;

        // If more than $num_to_store elements, then delete everything except the newest $num_to_store 
        if (sizeof($recent) > $num_to_store) {
                // These are already in the correct order, but would theoretically be logical to sort by key here.
                $recent = array_slice($recent, sizeof($recent)-5, sizeof($recent), true);

        // Queue the updated "recently viewed" list to update on the user's next page load 
        // I.e., don't show the current page as "recently viewed" until they navigate away from it (or otherwise refresh the page)
        \Cookie::queue('recently_viewed_content', json_encode($recent), $minutes_to_store);

PHP/Blade Template File

 * This is a widget/whatever that shows a user links to their recently viewed posts.
 * Easily converted to plain PHP.
$recently_viewed_content = json_decode(\Cookie::get('recently_viewed_content'), TRUE);
@if ( $recently_viewed_content )
                krsort( $recently_viewed_content );
        <details open>
                <summary class='help' title="Recently Viewed">Recently Viewed</summary>
                        @foreach ( $recently_viewed_content as $rvc)
                                <li><a href="{{ $rvc['url'] }}" rel="nofollow">{{ $rvc['name'] }}</a></li>

Include the Widget

    // Standard include with the blade templating engine
    // Can do basically the same with plain PHP

In Conclusion

What a nice post. The end.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by August R. Garcia 2 years ago 🕓 Posted at 03 February, 2019 05:55 AM PST

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