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Our Turkey Farm currently ranks on page 4 for "cheap turkeys".

We would really like to improve this, I don't have the budget to really pay an agency for their services so what kind of things can we do ourselves to try and improve this.


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This is a debug account.

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There's not a singular right answer. There are a number of methods even for people who don't want to pay for any service. For your simplicity, let's arrange them in two categories: long-term and short-term. Short-term methods take lesser time but give short-term benefits. Long-term methods take longer periods of time and take a while before they can mature to the point where you're making a profit.

Some short-term tactics are stuffing more keywords into your articles. However, note that an unnatural number of keywords will flag your website. So, keep the content human-friendly at all times. It shouldn't look bizarre on a first-look basis. ALso use proofs, which are basically synonyms of your keywords.

Keep your website's design and code clutter-free. Use proper HTML tags for the sections of content (use Gutenberg if you're using WordPress for help with this). Monitor your stats to know what's working and what's not. Sign-up with Google Webmaster Tools for loads of insights -- here you want to pay special attention to pages with a high bounce rate, meaning pages that people open but press back from or close -- why is that happening? Use alt tags in your images and also, use images -- plenty of them. Always link to external websites, it's called outlinking -- developer a network of websites of your own by outlinking to relevant sources.

Now, some long-term tactics are link-building and social media marketing. Link-building means getting inbound links from (preferably more reputed) sources to your website. This takes time. Build a network, reach out to other brands and websites, and ask for guest posting wherever possible. Get links to your own website from respectable sources to rank higher on Google.

Social media marketing will take time as you build a base of followers. If you have food-related, travel-related. or design-related niche -- then Instagram should be your first option. For opinions, news, celebrities, buzz, and world current events -- pick Twitter as your primary network. Facebook for everything else. Do a little bit of research on what works on which platform and you'll get the way to create visual content.

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Some design is good, some design is bad, and yet some design is just full retard Comic Sans with a rainbow gradient on it.

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You have to optimize your website. You can do on-page SEO, maintain your website by regular posts, unique content, do keyword research, Use your keywords to create great content. And get to know Google ranking algorithm, monitor your technical SEO. Use intenal linking for best result.
You can check this blog for more information:  https://www.incrementors.com/blog/seo-staying-on-the-first-page/

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