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What kind of proxies do you need to hack into the CIA? Or to spam advertisements for cheap toasters on NiceSocialMediaWebsite.net?

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I don’t know who created Proxy-Go, but I’m trying to figure out how we get them to have Proxy-Go-To-The-Polls.

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As they say in my home country, “how do spam bots work? I mean, where do they get proxies and shit? And what kind of proxies and shit do they use? And so on?”

“How do spam bots work? I mean, where do they get proxies and shit? And what kind of proxies and shit do they use? And so on?”
- An old saying in my home country

It’s time to find out, if you read this article.

The Onion Router (Tor) and the Tor Browser

If you are a 1337 hax0r trying to figure out what kind of proxies to use, you should probably stop reading this article and install the Tor browser, which provides provides access to proxies via the onion network.

Despite the fact that complete lists of all of the Tor exit nodes are listed publicly, few websites use explicitly these lists for the purposes of spam filtering. Most websites—including major websites such as Reddit and Facebook—allow users to browse their sites via Tor.

Shitty VPNs

Since I’m not a shill for NiceVPNAffiliateProgram, just read this thread:

In terms of hacking the government and shilling for the Best Online Casinos Near Me, VPNs are mostly useful only hypothetically. In general, most of their functionality can be done comparably well or better by Tor.

However, they are often:

  • Faster than Tor in terms of page load times and
  • More user friendly than Tor and l33t h4x0r proxies
  • Potentially “cleaner”/less abused/less likely to be blacklisted than Tor and l33t h4x0r proxies

VPNs seem to be less popular as proxies for spamming the Internet, for the reasons listed above.

Edit 21 April, 2019: We are a shill for Private Internet Access, though, now that the UK and New Zealand have become offbrand China. They're lisetd on our affiliat deals page.

Then Who Was Phone?

Humans who have cell phones with access to mobile data—which is basically everyone—secretly have access to the ability to easily change their IP address—on any device; not just the phone—by using their phone as a mobile hotspot. Because the proxies available through this method are very high quality, this technique has gained some popularity for the purposes of webspam, despite being limited in scale


  1. Most smartphones have an option to create a mobile hotspot, which can be connected to from any computer in range, such as your desktop, or laptop, if you’re a fucking casual.
  2. Toggling airplane more on and off will generally change the IP address of the hotspot (if that doesn’t work, you can try resetting the device)
  3. You are now using some nice proxies. Very nice.

So ur wid yo honi and ur makin out wen the phone ringz. U ansr it n da voice sayz “wut r u doin wit ma daughter?”u tel ur girl n she say “ma dad is ded.” THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

Source: Some guy on 4chan’s paranormal board in 2008.


  • These proxies are generally considered to be fairly high quality. In contrast to, for example, known proxies located in a data center, IP addresses used as part of a cell phone carrier’s data pool look like natural human IP addresses.
  • The pool of IP addresses available through the phone’s data pool is generally a decent size. Have heard some say that the number caps out at ~10 IP addresses for them. Likely varies based on the cell phone provider and your location.
  • This only works for a phone's data connection. This does not work for a phone connected to a wifi network (obviously).
  • This can also be done with devices marketed explicitly as mobile hotspots, although why you would explicitly get such a device instead of just using a cell phone, I have no idea.

Miscellaneous Public Proxies

If you look for free proxies in one of the various search engines that exist, you will generally find a bunch of free public proxies:

These proxies are generally used for things like ScrapeBox, where a user may want to be anonymous and to make requests from many different IP addresses, but where high quality, fast, and/or private proxies are not needed.

More information on Scrapebox is available in this thread:

1337 Hax0r Proxies

People who need to acquire proxies to hack the government are generally looking for proxy options that meet some or all of these considerations:

  • Are not known proxies or otherwise easily identifiable as being proxies.
  • Are not blacklisted from site(s) that the user is attempting to spam
  • Are cost effective relative to the scale and/or scope of the project
  • Can be changed on command, often times extremely frequently, such as on each HTTP request
  • In some cases, spammers may need proxies that are part of a large pool of rotating proxies, so that the user is able to use many different IP addresses
  • In some cases, proxies may need to be static, where the user can come back at a future point and access the exact same IP address/proxy
  • Are located in a specific country or region

It should be noted that web spam is complex and can vary on a case-by-case basis. Different types of spam may require different types of proxies and different considerations.

Proxies that are bought and sold for the purpose of being used for web spam are generally sold in a way where users can select both the type of proxies that are needed as well as the distribution model.

Types of Proxies

Some proxies are cheap trash. Some proxies are good.

Data Center Proxies

Data center proxies are trash; they are cheap and generally available in bulk. Because these proxies are located in data centers, they are known to be proxies. This means that many websites that have not-shitty spam filters will be able to easily determine that the users of these proxies are behind proxies, and may configure their spam filters accordingly.

Of the tools that exist to check whether or not an IP address is a proxy, this is one of the more accurate and useful ones, at least in terms of demoing whether or not an IP address can be easily identified as a proxy:

Residential Proxies

Because proxies listed in data centers can easily be identified as proxies, it is common for proxy services to offer “residential proxies” for users who are attempting to circumvent spam filters.

That these proxies are, generally, hacked or otherwise of questionable origin.

Proxy Distribution Arrangements

Those two categories of proxy (data center and residential) are both generally available in three different distribution arrangements.

Static Proxies

Static proxies are arrangements where specific IP addresses are reserved for a user, generally on a monthly basis. These proxies are generally the most expensive, since the individual selling the proxies is unable to use them as part of a rotating pool.

The primary reason why users may require access to the same static proxies is that some websites that are commonly the target of webspam may trigger anti-spam actions—such as requiring user re-verification (such as clicking a link in a confirmation email)—if the user logs in from a new IP address.

Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are the same as static proxies in that users continuously have access to the same unchanging IP addresses. The difference being that multiple users (generally anywhere from 2-5 other users) will be given access to the same static IP addresses. These proxies are generally roughly half the cost of static proxies at the expense of potential reductions in speed and a chance that other users may be using the proxies in a way that will get them blacklisted from certain websites.

Rotating Proxies

With rotating proxy pools, users are given static access IP addresses that—when connected to--automatically route the user’s traffic out to a second proxy. Through this setup, the user connects to one entry point and the proxy provider will automatically change the outward-facing proxy either after a specific timeframe (3-15 minutes, generally) or on each HTTP request.

These proxy pools will generally contain anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 proxies; in some cases, the best 1 to 10 percent of the proxies in these pools may be used for a disproportionate amount of the traffic. These proxies are generally the cheapest, since tens, hundreds, or thousands of users may be sharing the same pool of proxies.

In Conclusion

Shills for the Best Natural Steroids Online Legit Free are generally using some proxies similar to what are mentioned in this article.

If you run a website and want your spam filter to work correctly, you should probably take this information into account. Or don’t; I’m not your dad.

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Bump with proxy alignment chart.

Proxy Go to the Polls

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Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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