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I am fairly new to working with virtualization and have come across the program Kali Linux. Does anyone know if this program can be installed on VirtualBox, and if so, how to install it?

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This is a debug account.

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New hacker in the making! Amazing. Do something good with your skills and intentions. Be an ethical hacker.

Download VirtualBox and Kali Linux from their official websites. Click on New in the VirtualBox. Enter the name, it's for your reference. Add Kali Linux, for simplicity.

Type should be Linux. A version should be automatically selected when you enter Kali Linux.

Click on Next. 2 GB memory is recommended, 2048 MB.

Click on Next. Now select the "Create a virtual hard disk now" option and click on Create.

On the next dialog box, select the VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) option and click on Next. Here, choose Dynamically allocated because, in Fixed, you might run into problems when the size you specify is filled as the OS won't be able to cut space from the physical hard disk.

Select a suitable file size. 15 GB will do. The new virtual machine is ready. Click on Settings > Display > Video Memory and increase it to the max. Also, go to the Storage tab and click on the DVD icon to load the Kali Linux ISO. Click on Choose disk and browse and select the Kali Linux ISO file.

Once done, you can open Kali Linux. Select Kali Linux and click on Start. Now we will install the OS. Don't go for the live options. Now, there are the Install and Graphical install options. Go with the Graphical install option if you're a beginner.

Now, things should be pretty easy like choosing the language and giving a hostname. After time zone and password, you will allot partition space. You can do it manually or automatically.

Also, install the GRUB boot loader. Choose the second option that will come after the option "Enter device manually". The OS will not reboot and now you can enter the password for the username root.

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Some design is good, some design is bad, and yet some design is just full retard Comic Sans with a rainbow gradient on it.

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I do lots of hacking in my spare time. Kali Linux is an exelent choice that all the elite hackers around the world use. For work I work for Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and there are thousands of hackers constantly attacking our systems my friend. Many of these hackers use Kali Linux to hack our systems, it is constantly a challenge to fend the hackers back. It is lots of work, and we do our best to stop their hacks.

When starting off as an ethnical hacker I'd recommend using Windows 10 with Oracle VirtualBox. Follow the instructions above, he is a very smart man.

Kali Linux is a powerful tool, but you have to be extremely skilled to use it. It isn't something to be taken lightly, so when you are starting off be extremely careful my friend.

If you wish to learn the ways of ethically hacking, please direct message me.

- Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

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