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So, I just started on Amazon Mechanical Turk but the going is slow and just wanted to see if anyone had a trick up their sleeve for making at least fifty dollars a day with it? I've heard it can be done.

I've heard that there are tricks you can use to find HITs worth Turking for. Anyone with more experience have any tricks/tips?

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Here are some tips from which you can earn money from mturk.

1. Stay alert about the latest events
Join the online forums such as MTurk Forum that will keep you updated on what’s happening. You will also read about the experiences that other users share. This will give you plenty of insights that will further help you tweak your approach.

2. Don’t settle for meager hits
Unless you are incredibly desperate, have a lot of time at hand, and the hits look like fun, we recommend that you stay away from low hits. Each hit should at least be able to fetch 10 to 15 cents. Otherwise, it is not worth wasting your time collecting pennies.

3. Build your profile and build trust
Remember that reviews work two-ways. Requesters will see your reviews and decide if they can trust you. If there are few or negative reviews, they may choose someone else. Reliable requesters almost always go with workers with higher hits.

4. Take a few surveys
MTurk has quite a few new surveys that pay well. You could take a couple now and then to increase your income. Some surveys pay around $1, and if you find those, you are in for some big bucks within minutes! A survey does not take more than 10 minutes.

But be careful about scams. A visible red flag is a survey that revolves around personal details. Keep away from them!

5. Check Out Guides via Kindle
Also, since MTurk is run by Amazon, there are a number of good eBooks available for the Kindle about MTurk, like this one on how to make money in a week or less.

Most of them require that you have Kindle Unlimited; conveniently, there's a 30 day free trial through this affiliate link and you can easily get through at least a few of them in that timeframe.

Source: How to Make $50 a Day on MTurk: Earn More with these MTurk tips

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Profile Photo - August R. GarciaAugust R. GarciaLARPing as a Sysadmi...Portland, ORSite Owner

When I was 18, I did some jobs on MTurk and made around $230 on the platform over the course of roughly two weeks. Was hitting around $8-$12 per hour.

Random higher-paying surveys that pay $0.50 for two minutes are fine, when they exist, but that's mostly pointless as a viable consistent strategy.

If you actually want to make a non-terrible amount of money consistently, writing jobs are basically the only viable option. You should be able to clear the amount listed above ($8-$12 per hour) doing those efficiently for $0.01 per word.

Although you can make way, way, way, way more money as a writer on other platforms. Personally, I'd rather die than work as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, but both are superior to MTurk by a huge margin; assuming that you speak American, you should be able to get at least $0.02-$0.03 per word, which should be easily $20+ per hour. Or go on Craigslist/whatever and find clients directly.

Edit: Have also used MTurk to hire freelancers (mostly writers) and one additional tip that is worth noting is that you can email requesters directly. If you get a few hits approved for someone who posts writing jobs, would recommend emailing them directly to ask about higher paying work.If you ask a few people, someone will probably even have something.

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Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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