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All Other Keyboards are Trash: A Complete History of IBM's Model M Keyboard

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Published 2 months agoSat, 12 Jan 2019 00:18:20 -0800 | Last update 1 month agoTue, 19 Feb 2019 01:59:31 -0800

Be careful when carrying a Model M. If you drop it, you might damage your floor.

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Upon seeing the IBM model M, you may have a few questions:

Why does this keyboard look like shit? Also, why is this keyboard so fucking loud?

- You

The unassuming IBM Model M keyboard shown beow, dated 26 April, 1986, was sold for $150 at Portland, Oregon's Free Geek thrift shop—a rate considered a steal compared to what most sell for online.

An IBM Model M Keyboard dated 25 April, 1986

These cocksuckers have been around since 1984 and they probably make whatever you're typing on right now look like shit.

Anyway, what's the deal with this keyboard? Here is some relevant content:

A Complete History of IBM's Model M Keyboard



You already know what the Model M's layout looks like, since you're typing on it right now. The layout of a modern QWERTY keyboard was defined by IBM's classic Model M.

But I am an asshole who uses DVORAK or am Japanese or some shit.

- Probably Some Asshole Reading This

Notably, the original Model M did not have Windows keys, because Bill "Users Shouldn't Have to Compile Their Own Drivers" Gates had not yet infected the planet with his proprietary garbage.

Normans Get Out - Part 1

Proprietary software is for casuals.