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Can you work for the CIA if you have illegally downloaded music?

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Have you downloaded music illegally? You have, okay, let’s see if there still a chance for you to work for the CIA...

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Have you done well in school and college? Have you partaken in any school sports? Do you speak foreign languages, or do other languages come at least to you? Have you won honors or scholastic brilliance awards and/or competitions? If you answered YES all these questions, well you might just have what is needed to apply for a job at the CIA.

But, wait! Have you downloaded music illegally? You have, okay, let’s see if there still a chance for you to work for the CIA or does even the slightest 'illegal' activity (such as downloading music) a prevent you from becoming a CIA employee just a myth.

CIA enlists jobs and searches for keen individuals, but what about those that fit all of CIA's criteria but at one time or another have illegally downloaded music? Are they precluded from the chance at employment? Will they immediately raid your house after they find out, such as in this video? We turn to the CIA's official website for the answer.

According to the CIA itself, this notion is both true and false at the same time. Although they understand their employees and job candidates have made some “bad choices” at a given stage of their life, it’s important that they don’t do them anymore. As the law prescribes that downloading music is illegal, the CIA expects that their employees abide by the law.

Essentially, unless you downloaded a ton of music illegally or did some custom hacking it won't make a difference to your chances of employment with the CIA. In light of how many people (worldwide) do this, we feel that this will not pose a major problem. We feel that if you are precluded from employment with the CIA it will be on more solid grounds than illegally downloading music.

Guideline M of the Adjudicative Guidelines For Determining Eligibility for Access To Classified Information

So, how do they decide on which amount of downloaded music is allowed in order to be hired?

The "Utilization of Information Technology Systems" measure (Guideline M) of the "Adjudicative Guidelines For Determining Eligibility for Access To Classified Information" can conceivably influence the leeway qualification of numerous candidates. In the course of recent years, Administrative Judges (AJ) at the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) have audited various cases including Guideline M issues, so they do track what everyone downloads.

In 2001 "The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court certified a preliminary court's choice that around 75 million users were abused copyright rights by trading music documents by means of a distributed network." Because of this, maybe the best Guideline M worry to numerous freedom candidates is the conceivably excluding state of "presentation, expulsion, or duplication of equipment, firmware, programming, or media to or from any data innovation framework without approval when precluded by standards, systems, rules or directions."

This condition applies to situations where a candidate who applies for the job, has broken copyright laws via their PC. Considering the fact that, today, lots of candidates actually downloaded music illegally from the Internet, if CIA would look at this as a fact of whether someone will be employed or not, there wouldn’t be anyone working in the CIA.

Toward the end of last year, the "Survey for National Security Positions" (Standard Form 86) was changed, and 3 questions were added to "Utilization of Information Technology Systems" (questions 27a, b, and c).

This change could essentially impact on the number of cases presenting and relating to Guideline M issues.

The Assessment

The accompanying elements are assessed when deciding security contingency in line with IT framework and breaching the relevant legislation:

  • Frequency and degree of standard infringement.
  • Amount of potential or genuine damage.
  • The intent of the lead and level of malignancy.

For candidates who have copied copyrighted programming and other media on the web without approval, Is faced with possibly being precluding in line with guidelines (a), (c), and (f) under Guideline M criteria. The AJ established that the candidate possibly entered or got to frameworks accessible to people in general when they downloaded (duplication) projects and records without paying for them (approval).

From 1993 to 2007 it is assessed that individual candidates downloaded somewhere in the price range of $750 and $1,000 worth of documents without paying for them. They mostly did it for private monetary benefit in that they evaded installment for the downloaded materials, yet they never sold or benefited from anything they downloaded.

For most who used their own PC to download openly available copyrighted documents from the web without paying for them or to take an interest in record sharing on a distributed system, their action don note justifies criminal proceeding, which is important under Guideline M regulation as such a conviction would surely preclude candidates from further progressing.

Just when an individual download or potentially shares more than $1,000 worth of copyrighted documents in any 180-day time span, without paying for them or endeavors to go around a safety effort used to ensure copyrighted material is considered an unfriendly exceptional status assurance.

Things that can diminish security concerns under Guideline M include:

  • (a) how much time has passed since the download occurred, or is it occurred under such strange conditions, it is important to state that it’s probably not going to repeat or does not give occasion to feel qualms about the person's dependability, reliability, or decision-making ability;
  • (b) if the abuse was minor and done just in light of a legitimate concern for hierarchical proficiency and adequacy, for example, giving someone else a chance to used someone's secret key or PC when no other auspicious option was promptly accessible;

According to one of the candidates “Downloading music without paying for it, and not showing remorse for doing so, was stated as the official reason in my denial letter. I was denied in 2006 and, they said it called my trustworthiness and character into question. Forget the fact that they only knew about it because I honestly told them about in my polygraph interviews. And, I know others who have admitted to it, and still been cleared.

The Verdict

So, the answer is yes, you can work for the CIA if you illegally downloaded some music in the past, but if it’s not that serious, it was when you were younger and you haven’t benefited from it. Also, if you show remorse will make a huge impact.

But, if you do land the CIA job, be aware that you must never ever do that again. Never. Again. All your music will have to be bought and legally downloaded. Are you ready for this? Is working for the CIA really worth the thought that you’ll never download some illegally posted music online?

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