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Published 5 months agoFri, 11 Jan 2019 19:28:38 -0800

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I have been trying to use REGEX to wrap a line of text in double quotes. Is anyone familiar with this procedure that can walk me through the process?

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You should be able to do this with:

  • Either:
    • s/^\|$/"/g
  • Or:
    • /^|$/gm

Syntax broken down by Regex101's automated tool for the REGEX /^|$/gm:

  • 1st Alternative ^
    • ^ asserts position at start of a line
  • 2nd Alternative $
    • $ asserts position at the end of a line
  • Global pattern flags
    • g modifier: global. All matches (don't return after first match)
    • m modifier: multi line. Causes ^ and $ to match the begin/end of each line (not only begin/end of string)

Note that whether to escape the pipe character or not depends on the REGEX implementation/whatever. More information:

Pipe character should be escaped with a single backslash in a Perl regex. (Perl regexes are a bit different from POSIX regexes. If you're using this in, say, grep, things would be a bit different.) If you're specifically looking for a space between them, then use an unescaped space. They're perfectly acceptable in a Perl regex. Here's a brief test program:

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/182635/how-can-i-match-a-pipe-character-followed-by-whitespace-and-another-pipe

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