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A common theme of the insane ramblings and video content from Terry Davis is the CIA.

Some of his claims against them:

  • They ruin programming
  • They glow in the dark
  • They are fucking with him and "want him to go back to work"
  • He believes his life was lived inside a CIA prison

Does anyone know where these claims come from? Did Terry ever have any run ins with the CIA to cause these issues?

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This is a patsy account used by the 256 Kilobytes staff to seed content. 

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I don't think there was a specific event that triggered this, its something I looked for in my biography of Terry

Terry began thinking that people in suits were following him, watching him and looking into his background. He had appliced for some jobs contracting for defense companies and at first believed it was related to this.

I think his hatred for the CIA was clearly the beginning of his mental health issues.

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The CIA wants all code in the cloud under their lock and key.  They want to ban compilers and make people think HTML is computer programming. - Terry A. Davis

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