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Top 5 Gedit Tricks, or Some Shit

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Published 1 week agoFri, 04 Jan 2019 12:13:19 -0800 | Last update 1 week agoFri, 04 Jan 2019 14:51:11 -0800

As they say, "it's time for some Gedit tricks or something like that."

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Anyone who has used a Linux distribution with the GNOME desktop environment has likely used Gedit, considering that it is a text editor that is packaged with GNOME. If you fuck around with some settings, Gedit is basically Notepad++ but lighterweight and not constantly crashing. Here's some shit that plausibly you haven't heard of:

Sneaky Tricks

Bulk Tab/Indent Lines

  1. Highlight a few rows
  2. Hit tab
  3. Very nice

Find and Replace with a REGEX

  1. Hit Ctrl+H to open the find-and-replace dialogye
  2. Check the Regular Expression box
  3. Very nice

Configure Gedit to Work with Multiple Files

Tabs in Gedit

  1. Hit Ctrl+T
  2. Very nice

Manage Documents with a Side Panel

  1. Go to the View menu (top left of the monitor)
  2. Select the "Side Panel" option to toggle it on
  3. Very nice

Edit Documents Side-by-Side with Tab Groups

  1. Go to the Documents menu (top left of the monitor)
  2. Select the "New Tab Group" option to add/open another editor within the same Gedit instance as a new tab group
  3. Very nice

Configure Gedit to Look Very Nice

Use a Dark Theme in Gedit

  1. Edit --> Preferences --> Color Themes
  2. Pick a theme that is dark, unless you are a casual
  3. Very nice

Display Line Numbers in Gedit

  1. Edit --> Preferences --> Display Line Numbers
  2. Very nice, unless you decide that line numbers are obnoxious, which they kind of are, but I am not your dad.

Other Functions of Interest

  • Edit --> Preferences --> Autosave
  • Edit --> Preferences --> Plugins --> Python Code Console
  • Syntax highlighting exists based on your file extension, if that wasn't obvious. Markdown is also supported with the .md extension, which makes .txt files look like trash.
  • Probably some other things, if you fuck around.
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