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Published 11 months agoSun, 02 Dec 2018 03:44:30 -0800

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You know the ones I'm talking about -- random words, miscellaneous short-ish domain names, and so on. Register the domain and then put up a page offering to sell it for $500 to $xx,xxx amounts. I run into these all the time when looking for domains to register, but would never actually pay those rates. There's always some other perfectly fine domain to use. Who runs these sites?

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There are often large companies who convice people who are new to Internet marketing to register domain names for them, which can then be listed on some larger platform/system that manages the sales. If the domain actually sells, then the company and the person who actually registered the domain both get a cut, but if the domain doesn't sell, the company has no loss, since they don't have to actually pay the registration fees themselves.

Usually the potential to sell and the profitability is overhyped by the company. Seems almost certain that the vast majority of people who use these platforms lose money. The company presumably makes a lot of money, though.

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Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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I once had a guy phone up a motorcycle shop I worked at telling me that "a domain you have always wanted" was now available to buy and he was selling it for just £500.

I was very puzzled to what he was talking about and asked him which domain, he told me "custombikerbuilders.co.uk".

I never asked for this or remember trying to acquire the domain at all, so while I was on the phone with him I jumped on namecheap and looked it up to find the domain was still available. So I purchased it while talking to him.

I then told him I would buy the domain and ended up trolling him for a week asking for proof of ownership and going down that route. It was more interesting than my actual job.

I respect the hustle though, he sounded fairly convincing on the phone. I imagine it's worked for him before...

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