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What is Selenium with Python?

Selenium is a powerful tool for utilising code to automate and manage web browsers. It includes scripts written in many different languages, such as Python, Java, C#, and others. Operating systems and all popular browsers are supported. We'll use Python for our purposes. All topics, including WebDriver, WebElement, and Selenium Unit Testing, are covered in the Selenium Tutorial. The Python Selenium Tutorial covers both the fundamentals and more sophisticated and practical implementations of Selenium.

Why learn Selenium with Python?

  • Open Source and Portable - Selenium is an open source and portable framework for web testing.

  • Selenium is a collection of tools and a DSL for running various test kinds (Domain Specific Language).

  • Selenium instructions are easier to understand and apply because they are divided into numerous classes.

  • Testers will expend less effort and stress. Testing repeated test cases on every new version virtually ever takes any time, as was already mentioned. The workload of the testers is thereby reduced.

  • methods to cut costs for clients of the organisation Despite the fact that the business must pay the testers' salary, adopting an automation testing method is economical. 

  • Automation benefits the business financially and in terms of time saved.

Top Selenium with Python Frameworks

  • PyTest Framework

  • UnitTest Framework

  • Testify Framework

  • Behave Framework

  • Nose2 Framework

  • Lettuce Framework

  • Robot Framework

PyTest Framework

  • One of the earliest Python Selenium frameworks for extensive test automation is this one.

  • Because it is open-source, the development teams, QA teams, and open learning groups for open source projects can simply access it. Functional, unit, and API testing are all available.

  • The pip command can quickly install it, and it is compatible with Python 3.5 and PyPy3 versions.

  • Python Testing Frameworks often utilise the test_ (or end with _test) nomenclature, in contrast to PyTest, which includes integrated auto-discovery features that look for integrated test modules and functions.

  • Additionally, by accessing it, the assert writing feature eliminates the need to memorise failing assert statement data.

  • naming the IDs.

UnitTest Framework

  • PyUnit, a popular Python Selenium Framework for test automation, is also known as UnitTest.

  • Inspired by JUnit, PyUnit is a Python unit testing framework that functions similarly to other unit testing frameworks.

  • It is the first automated unit testing framework developed in Python and a part of the Python Testing Library.

  • All developers who are beginning with Selenium test automation utilize the UnitTest Python Unit Testing Framework due to its simple installation and configuration.

  • The test cases are given names using the standard start with test_ (or finish with _test) nomenclature.

  • Similar to JUnit testing with Selenium, UnitTest reporting generates XML results using UnitTest-XML-reporting.

  • There may occasionally be ambiguity in the test code due to the obsolete CamelCase naming convention, which was borrowed from JUnit.

Testify Framework

  • Nose and unittest in Python The Python Selenium framework has been superseded in its place by the more Pythonic Testify framework.

  • The Unittest version has been improved. Since Testify was developed after Unittest, the tests that served as its foundation only needed minor modifications to function properly with Testify.

  • With the help of this programme, unit, system, and integration testing may be automated. Implementing semantic testing in Java using Testify works nicely.

  • The extensive ecosystem of Testify's plugins includes essential tools for publishing and reporting.

  • Automatic test discovery, class level setup, and fixture methods with easy syntax that only need to be executed once for the entire collection of test methods are further capabilities shared by Nose2 Framework.

Behave Framework

  • Behave is a popular Python Selenium Framework that facilitates BDD testing for software development teams. Its most recent version is 1.2.7.dev1. Effective collaboration between developers, testers, and businesses is made possible through behaviour-driven development and agile software development methodologies.

  • It functions similarly to the testing automation frameworks Cucumber and SpecFlow. It encourages business-driven development by creating test case scenarios for commercial applications in Gherkin (BDD).

  • Behave differs from the competition due to its BDD Framework foundation, which is fundamentally unique from all other Python Selenium Frameworks.

  • A few drawbacks of Behave include its restriction to Black-box testing and the lack of thorough support for it in the PyCharm environment.

  • Parallel testing is a key requirement for automated browser testing.

Nose2 Framework

  • For dock testing and unit tests, there is a second Selenium Python Framework called Nose2. It carries on from Nose.

  • It complements PyUnit by offering test execution plugins, test case auto-discovery capabilities, and the capacity to put together and gather documentation.

  • Because it is based on Unittest, it is frequently referred to as an extension of UnitTest.

  • The Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Nose2 is used to create functional tests.

  • Testing is made simple and quick thanks to the network of embedded plugins.

  • In addition, support is provided for complex initialization, automatic test case discovery, decorators, fixtures, classes, and parameterized testing modules. Not much documentation is available.

Lettuce Framework

  • Lettuce is a Python and Cucumber-based testing framework for behavior-driven programming.

  • The goal of this Python Selenium framework was to make testing enjoyable and user-friendly. The framework is typically free and hosted on GitHub.

  • Kryptonite is the name of the most recent version, which is 0.2.23. It uses the Gherkin language and clear terminology to define tests, test scenarios, and feature files.

  • Similar to Behave Black box testing, it supports more testing kinds.

  • For a project to be successfully completed, all project stakeholders—including developers, testers, marketing managers, and project managers—must communicate quickly.

Robot Framework

  • Acceptance testing is implemented by Python programmers using the popular open-source Robot Framework Selenium Framework.

  • The automated testing technique includes acceptance for Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (RPA).

  • Java and.net both support IronPython and the Python-based Robot Framework.

  • Make test cases for the Robot Framework using the Keyword style. It offers screenshots and reports in an easy-to-read HTML format. The Robot framework offers a wide variety of APIs that enable integrating solutions from other parties easily.

  • The documentation is complete. To ensure test readability, it uses a keyword-based, data-driven, and behavior-driven technique.

  • All desktop, mobile, and web applications as well as the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems are all compatible with it.


Selenium works best for developers that quickly submit changes and automate testing. Although Selenium is renowned for having a comprehensive testing suite, the front-end technologies are constantly evolving, and this presents the biggest problem for Selenium. We concentrated on a few of the most popular Selenium Python testing frameworks available today.

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