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Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Neurologic Disorders 

To achieve highest level of functioning, comprehensive rehabilitation services play a vital role in assisting patients with neurological disorders. Occupational therapists help patients who are experiencing deficits in daily life skills. Occupational therapists are specially trained to improve movement and restore functions of brain. Patients may have the opportunity to demonstrate their safety awareness in the community, if performance skills appear intact. Therapists can go with a patient to lead worksite assessments, then, at that point oversee hands-on preliminaries to additionally survey a re-visitation of work with or without adjustments. The objective is to remake abilities, reconnect with the local area, and help patients center amidst ordinary interruptions. The below mentioned are neurological diagnoses: 

  • Stroke 

  • Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders 

  • Brain tumor 

  • Traumatic brain injury 

  • Other degenerative neurological disease 

  • Multiple Sclerosis 

Treatment may include the following: 

  • Basic self-care and activities of daily living skills that include personal hygiene, dressing bathing, feeding as well as home management. 

  • Cognitive training, memory, concept formation, attention span, problem solving and thinking skills.  

  • Perceptual training is the ability to interpret sensory information received from the environment. 

  • Reduced vision due to double or blurred vision, visual field deficits, and reading problem can be treated through visual processing therapy.  

  • For strength and dexterity, upper extremity exercises can be effective. 

  • Providing ideas for environmental modifications 

  • The driving assessment and training assessment consists of a clinical evaluation and a behind the wheel evaluation.  

Definition of Acquired brain injury 

Neuro occupational therapy is an inclusive category that embraces acute brain injury of any cause, including: 

  • Head injury, trauma or post-surgical damage  

  • Vascular accident that includes stroke or subarachnoid haemorrhage 

  • Cerebral anoxia 

  • Other toxic or metabolic insult  

  • Infection and inflammation like meningitis, encephalitis or vasculitis 

Damages related with a procured mind injury  

There is an assortment of impedances related with a mind injury that can happen contingent upon the injury area.  

Common impairments are:  

  • Motor impedances of appendages, like shortcoming, adjusted tone and diminished co-appointment.  

  • Problems influencing discourse and gulping.  

  • Sensory weaknesses, for example,  

  • Hearing misfortune  

  • Visual issues, including diminished sharpness and visual field misfortune  

  • Cognitive issues, particularly weaknesses in memory, focus and direction.  

  • Language issues like aphasia.  

  • Reduced command over guts and bladder.  

  • Emotional, mental and conduct issues.  

Obtained cerebrum injury is an abrupt beginning and is probably going to have major dependable impacts on the individual and their family; along these lines, it ought to be borne as a primary concern that not all impedances are obvious at the beginning of injury and may emerge many months after the fact.  

The role of an occupational therapist in neurological rehabilitation 

The point of a word related advisor is to empower customers to deal with their everyday assignments and exercises in a manner that adds to their physical, social and passionate prosperity. The word related specialist will work with the customer to address brokenness utilizing intercessions that may take a gander at changing the manner in which an assignment is performed, adjusting the actual climate, showing the individual another expertise or working with them to recover old ones. 

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