256 Kilobytes

I'm assuming by reading this you have worked out what a great community 256kilobytes is, but of course it's not the only community out there... Many exist and they are abused by bad marketers daily and that's good for no one.

Marketing your agency, service or tool poorly:

  • Pisses off forum members generally
  • Damages your brand, people remember
  • Gets your account banned
  • The content/links are deleted so it's a waste of time

This website is full of developers and marketers, most of us are not stupid people and seeing third world SEO agencies come on here looking for clients via spam is so autistic.

While 256kilobytes is still growing and is fairly new, this website could easily provide a non-idiot with a full time income as long as they followed some fairly simple rules. Me and your boi Huevos Rancheros ran a keyword scam sales thread on another forum that we were members of and made $12,000 in a month. We have since gone and done our own things (although I think he does keywords still...), but running successful and profitable businesses on the backs of these communities is entirely possible and if done correctly are beneficial for both sides.

I also ran the marketplace moderation on another forum for a while, so I kind of know what works and what doesn't.

So let's look how you can do this properly... With the goals of:

  • Growing your brand and reputation
  • Requiring relatively little effort
  • Building links to your website

Why would you want to market to a community?

This is a fairly simple question but many people don't seem to think of communities like this as worthy of effort and attention.

If you're trying to sell something that a marketing professional or developer would be interested in buying, then you want to try and get as many of those people to see your product/service as possible.

Traditionally you may look at platforms like LinkedIn and facebook to grow an audience and that can certainly work, but we're in the age where organic reach is limited and competition for ads is high...

You might look at SEO and go down that route, that will also work and get customers but it won't really help establish your authority within your niche or grow your brand all that much.

By growing a profile within communities you have the opportunity to:

  • Prove you know what you're talking about and establish authority through your content
  • Network with and get to know other professionals
  • Grow your brand through repeated exposure to your posts
  • Become "the go to guy" for a community of 1000's of people when they need help ($$$)

All of this is very possible and it's not even hard if you know what you're doing.

Ultimately This is Just Content Marketing Dude

In all honesty, all you're going to be doing is content marketing... but instead of doing it on Facebook where your voice is drowned out in the crowd people can hear you here. The format of having content set up into threads and articles really lends itself to discussion (derp) in a way that facebook doesn't. If you talk part properly you will be noticed.

It's just another channel that you should monitor, push out good content on relevant to the platform and focus on growing. Just like twitter, facebook, pinterest and others... Yes, facebook has 3 Billion members and this forum has a few 1000, those 3 Billion won't see your content, they don't know who you are and not all of them will care about what you do... The opposite is true on communities like this one.

There is no right or wrong way to go about in communities like this, some people want business, some want to learn, some just want to talk shit while drunk and there may be other reasons too... But as a guy who has been members of forums for over a decade, here are some hot tips that may or may not work for you:

Profile Set Up

Once you have registered your account here, you need to build it out.

  • Set a memorable, readable (or company) username. People get to know each other, names are kind of a thing.
  • Set a profile picture - some people don't remember names but remember faces. This is your digital face.
  • Fill out all other information - Bio/signature/occupation/location... It all makes you seem more human and relatable rather than a bot on a forum.

This is your chance to stand out and is going to be part of your branding (whether it's personal branding or company branding). Spend some time and do this right, if people forget you it's hard to grow.

Consistency is Key

Regular contributions to the forum are something you will have to do. It's just like facebook and other platforms, if you post 1 piece of content every month people will forget you and that's kind of pointless.

GaryVee talks about this for instagram and calls it the "18 cent strategy". The idea being that you find 9 posts per day on instagram and "give your 2 cents" (post a comment) on these 9 posts.

Gary is a bit of a tard and posts a lot of fluff, but this is a good strategy you can quickly adapt to other platforms.

If you make a goal to post 5 times per day on 256kilobytes and make the replies valuable, it will go a long way to helping you establish yourself quickly... Just don't post pointless things which will have the opposite effect.

Authority Matters

Your success on a community like this is directly proportional to how much of an authority people think you are.

If you spend 6 months posting to fix every WordPress error people have, people will notice. You will become the WordPress error expert and if you create a marketplace thread for WordPress services on the back of this you will do very well.

After all, if you had the choice to buy from these people which would it be?

Person 1:

  • No idea what they do
  • No idea who they are
  • No idea if they can do the job or not
  • Joined 1 week ago

Person 2:

  • 3 months+ of posting articles about WordPress
  • 100+ replies helping people out
  • Been a member for 6 months
  • 50+ RAM

You're of course going to pick person 2, and this is ultimately what this is about.

It's hard to measure "authority" on a platform like this (compared to "likes" on a facebook page). If you're the type of person that wants to measure success, keeping an eye on your RAM to post ratio is the key.

The more RAM you have the more useful and valued your content is.

Don't be a Dick

Even if you do everything right, if you're overly negative or aggressive people will think you're a dick.

Some general examples of this are:

  1. General trolling
  2. PM'ing people because they are hustling in on your free proxy giveaways
  3. Arguing with everything anyone ever says for no real reason
  4. Calling people out for no particular reason.

These are all things I've done in the past, it's all really good fun. But if you're trying to grow a brand and be recognised as an authoritative member you will want to try and avoid this.

However if you post for shits and giggles, go ahead. If you post for brand or want to grow your business within a community like this then avoid it and try not to get sucked in.

Rule 16: There Are No Girls On The Internet

This us something from 4chan which is very true in anonymous and digital communities like 256kilobytes. Unlike in real day to day life, social norms are not really a thing. People who get through life by being nice to people probably won't find it works the same way here... It's not that we are assholes, it's just the format of digital communities.

Women are kind of an example of this in the physical world, men treat them kinder, hold doors for them, pick up heavy objects and generally try and be chivalrous. It's a good thing, but it doesn't exist on the internet.

Here you're just a username and a profile picture. The internet doesn't have the same social dynamics the real world has... We are truly equals here and the only thing that will get you reputation and notoritary is the content you post and quality of your ideas.

You are only as good as the content you post, the ideas you share and the discussion you bring. It doesn't matter if you have done SEO since the 1990's or if you have 80,000 twitter followers and released a book about the subject... It does not matter if you are from a rural corner of India or if you live in Silicone Valley... It does not matter if you are the CEO of a tool that does $50mm ARR or you have an affiliate site that does $80 a month. The only thing that matters on 256kilobytes is what you do on 256kilobytes.

We are stripped bare and forced to regrow. It can be liberating.

Rules Exist

Every community will have rules, terms of service and a basic code of conduct you will be expected to follow.

Read them, make sure you comply or it won't end well for you. At best users will get annoyed and at worst you will be banned.

Within these guidelines I think you will find success. Really though, posting on communities like this is just like instagram and any other platform except instead of pictures and video, you share ideas and discussion. Instead of fans and followers, you get RAM and reputation.

I don't think communities like this get used enough by people as a vehicle to grow. There are literally people selling $1 million+ a year on SEO forums and they are doing it because they spent 2 years posting good content and developed a brand and reputation around their profile. They are not even hard to spot...

It takes time and effort, but the reward is there at the end of it.

Did You Know 256kilobytes Sells Advertising?

If you're looking to grow your brand and have a budget, just buy adverts. It's why they're available...

If you don't have time to faff around building a profile and reputation here or want the ultimate level of exposure I am sure the website owner can sort you with what you need.

This Website Also Has a Marketplace...

People literally come here to buy and sell, there's no need to be coy or careful like with some communities. We all need links and other things...

If you're here to sell your services you're going to have to make a thread. As I said in the intro, be and Huevos have done this with great success before we went our ways. He went and sold more things on that particular forum and developed his brand and grew a following, I took a job at that forum and ended up running the marketplace for a while.

He made the better choice... But running a successful marketplace thread requires some thought and you should focus on the authority around your account before you think about doing this.

However the information about that is here:

At some stage I will write a guide on running a successful thread and the types of things that do well. I shall update this thread when the time comes...

How to Market to a Community Properly - The 256 Commandments

So far we have looked at why posting to a community like this is a good idea and roughly what sort of things we should be focused on, but what sort of content should we be making?

I've pieced together a set of rules that are not official community rules by any means... These are merely guidelines you should keep in your mind if you're looking to extract maximum value from your time on this forum.

I am merely an idiot who wants to spread the good word of the Lord, and help us all make more money to trigger the communists. Again, you will find what works through experience. This is just a good place to start to help you plan content campaigns.

You Are In Gods Own House, Thou Shall Respect It

When I was a young man my grandfather told me "don't shit on your own doorstep". It's good advice.

Communities are groups of people who share a common interest and within every community you have people who provide and those that leech. There are people who have no option to leech, they are newbies and they are here to learn. It's down to people with knowledge to help them progress and get to the point where they are a provider. That's normal and healthy for every forum... However you get leeches who are here just to suck out as much as they can. In normal society we call these welfare cheats or illegal immigrants.

They just suck everything they can out of the system with zero interest in providing anything.

If our goal is to be seen as an asset to the community and grow into an authority we can't be leeches. We have to provide content and answer questions with good answers... We have to take part and make up for the leeches and help nurture the noobs on our chests like proud transexual man mothers.

We do this through good, unique content. Contribute to the greater knowledge of the forum by posting helpful replies that answer queries and through articles... Share your knowledge, provide the milk to help nurture the newbies and they will grow to recognise you at their man mother.

Communities are ecosystems, the more we all contribute the more we all get out of it. It can be visualised like this:

If we're doing this right, we all grow:

  • Everyone has more people to market to
  • The forum owner has a better community
  • Noobs have more knowledge to read and learn
  • There are more experts, increasing quality of discussion
  • We can all learn and network with each other

Literally everyone wins, there are no losers. This is the goal.

Honor Thy Mother and Father

Without our lord and Savior, Mr August Garcia (forum owner) we would not be here together today. We would have no one to market to or learn from. He deserves our respect because as we have established above, the success of the website is good for us all.

If we all go gung ho and wild, it's not good for anyone. The forum doesn't grow, people get pissed, men will die...

Every platform has growing pains, things change, new rules are created as problems arise. It's just a fact of life. Just look at how many people get upset when twitter updates their UI... The world loses their mind.

Let's not do this here, crying to the owner about something you don't like just makes you a bitch.

Thou shalt not commit adultery

I know I've kind of pushed that this is just another outlet for content marketing and that may sound easy... but that doesn't mean you can just repost your crappy facebook updates to here and expect success. You're going to need to post some valuable information in the forum of articles and replies.

Because of this you will need to have the knowledge to actually help people in the first place. Facebook and social media is fairly simple to get attention, handing over your page to someone who knows what they are doing works because facebook is a platform where simple content works. If you're a web hosting company letting people know of a new product or some infographic would be ideal for facebook as you already have that audience but if you did that here it would be kind of spammy.

Community posting is more like blogging, it's kind of an investment of knowledge and time... Again if you're thinking "oh we have a blog, we can just repost content" it does not work like that. People will find out and your rehashed content will get ignored... It has to stand out and be interesting.

Things that will do well in general:

  • Experiments
  • Discussions
  • Tutorials
  • Authority content

If you want to do well, establish yourself as knowledgeable and helpful. Rehashed copy and paste shit won't work, it will have the opposite effect.

If in doubt, start off your forum journey by reading more and posting less. Get a feel for what works and then use this knowledge of the community to create specific content for it which is related to what you want to do.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Anyone who has been a member of any forum for any real length of time will have seen people fall out and argue.

If you want to be an authority, do this at your peril. Leave this silliness to people beneath you. Getting involved in this gay shit will not grow your brand.

Reputations matter, let's not fuck each other over. The marketplace I used to manage was full of snakes, people would very regularly do things to sabotage their competitors and it never really worked for them... They were quickly banned from the marketplace and all their income was gone. When I sold on that marketplace I had various people call me a scammer, cheat and other things related to that. It was extremely retarded to witness, people are insane.

Think twice before engaging in this shitty behavior, as the moment it becomes public knowledge you're kind of done. People will turn on them and they won't sell much after that.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife

Kind of related to the previous commandment, let's not rip anyone off.

Avoid the following:

  • Don't steal ideas without giving people credit
  • Don't sell bad services to people who don't need them
  • Don't make private information public

These acts are pretty low and are not the kind of thing a true authority would do.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods

It's very easy to see people do well and try to take them down a peg or two, we as authority members shall not do this. This is envy.

We shall be happy and rejoice when people do well, we will celebrate wins together. If someone does well, develops and app and someone buys it for silly money then we must see this as an opportunity to learn from them. Extract that information... See what they did right.

If someone posts a picture of their new car, say congratulations... Don't say:

HAHA faggot, only retards buy teslas you fucking bald queer and it's red, it matches your mothers minge

This is not something that passes our content guidelines.


I feel like I have written too much for something that is relatively simple, but this is literally years of knowledge and experience being dumped for you to take advantage of so fuck it.

The actionable takeaways are:

  1. Join the community, set up a brandable profile
  2. Read as much as you can, get a feel for the place
  3. Read the rules
  4. Provide value in every piece of content you post
  5. Respect the platform itself, we all do well or we all die
  6. Don't act like a bitch
  7. Your only as good as the content you post
  8. Authority = success

It's a very fun place to be around. Enjoy 256kilobytes dears...

Lets get rich and kill the communists.

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