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When user searches my brand name, the -ve review is shown in the first page. How can i remove these kind of results or esle how can i move them into second page atleast?

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I left a reply here which is relevant, it seems..


Unfortunately there really isn't a hard and fast fix for things like this, I would attack this in the following order:

  1. Try and fix this with the customer directly, make them very happy and ask them to remove it.
  2. Report this to rip off report (don't reply just yet) and see if there is any ground to get this removed. Hopefully they published something slanderous or your personal information.
  3. Build links to web pages that rank just below the rip off report for your band name with the idea of boosting them above the RoR in the serps.
  4. Build new web properties for your brand that will rank above the RoR.

Further explainations:

Making customers happy is pretty self explanatory, if it really is a crazy person you might want to give them a week to cool off before reaching out but offering them whatever they want to make this right will be the quickest, easiest and possibly cheapest option.

It's also unlikely RoR will remove the review, this is done in very rare cases where people are silly enough to publish personal details such as SSN's, personal addresses and other things like this.

I would also NOT be tempted to reply, you're just adding more content and make the page stronger/harder to remove.

If you're going to build links to existing web properties you might want to consult a SEO/ORM company if you have no experience of this as if you do a bad job you will actually drop them in rankings and make this harder for yourself. If you are going to do it yourself the best place to start is with your own website, a blog post publishing that you were "featured" on another website would help a lot.

And finally, if you're going to build new web properties I would start with local media. Get in touch with local journalists or bloggers telling them about something new you're doing (a charity event, open days, expansions, new products/services...). Local journalists always need stories and they will most likely help you out with a story or two.

The next step could be (with a bit more cash) buying press coverage on larger websites. Many services are available for websites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Wired, NY Times and many more where marketers who have built relationships with staff at these places can get you featured in articles. This can cost $1000's per post but they are very strong in terms of authority and will most likely knock a RoR down a few places quite quickly. These stories are also typically syndicated on a lot of other platforms so they can build a lot of links to your website.

The other thing to target would be building profiles on social networks you don't have a presence on yet. Link these from your website, get them on your google business profile. Build content on these as fast as you can, Google likes these. Services such as knowem can do a lot of the legwork for you here, and they are reasonable in cost.

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These are some steps to remove -ve Business Reviews from the search results:
Locate and click on your Google My Business profile. Click the link by the star rating that shows the total number of reviews, identify the negative, false, or defamatory review you want to remove.
Click Flag as inappropriate.

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I would suggest not to. Inspite of this give a customer a positive and appropriate reply. But if it is some spammy or rude or some one who are doing it for purpose then mark it as inappropriate or flag it in your google my business account. Stay more ahead for these digital techniques - https://certificatebuddy.com/what-feature-collects-company-specific-data-such-as-member-status.php?qid=1

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