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How to optimize my business page on top of google map search?

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Google maps is all related to your Google my business profile.

The basics of optimising this platform is fairly simple, outperform your competitors and add as much data as you can.

This means:

  • Making sure your profile information is all correct
  • Checking your description of buisiness is accurate (keeping keywords in mind...)
  • Adding as many good photos of your business as possible
  • Asking customers to leave real reviews (big factor)

The general idea is to treat your Google listing as a "social media" site in it's own right, sink 20-30 mins a week into improving and updating wherever you can.

There are other things which help too, local citations in directories or local business websites will also help but making sure your NAP (Name Address Phone) details match your Google listing is critical. Try to avoid spamming this too hard, think of it as link building for SEO...

A few companies sell these, I've used fatjoe.com with some success:

Physical location also seems to help when ranking on maps... if you're trying to rank for the next city over or your location is on the edge of the city you will struggle no matter what you do (but you can still rank in the local pack)

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Posted by Hash Brown 10 months ago 🕓 Posted at 26 August, 2019 18:40 PM PDT


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Check this article: https://thrivehive.com/rank-higher-google-maps/#cmtoc_anchor_id_0

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how to create a dating app

Profile Photo - Dot Com InfowayDot Com InfowayIndia

Today, if someone is trying to find a business, they go to seem in one among two places friends or family, and Google. If you can turn customers into brand evangelists for your business, that friends and the family thing will eventually work itself out. It's Google that's the big challenge.

Unfortunately, most businesses aren't really sure where to start out when it involves going to the highest of Google. They either think that simply putting up an internet site will put them high enough within the results to urge noticed, or they think that only 'special' businesses get to the top results of Google.

The fact is that your business can reach the top of Google rankings. Depending on what it's you are doing and the way much competition there's, it'd be easier than you think that. Here are five techniques you'll use to assist get your business website to the highest of Google rankings:
Choose the right keywords
Devise a local search strategy
Focus on quality content
Generate backlinks
Utilize social media

Follow these five techniques carefully and you will see your program rankings rise significantly.

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Dot Com Infoway is a globally recognized app development and marketing company offering a bouquet of cutting-edge services. 

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It is not big thing for getting business page on top of google map. you need to optimize your NAP (name, address, phone number) citations across the Web.  

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