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Published 4 months agoFri, 02 Aug 2019 04:26:40 -0700

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I am looking to strat doing branding for a B2B Company. Can anyone share your experience & tips on this.

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For social media marketing in general, usually the best way to gain traction is to post content that can be understood by as many people as possible. For any niche, basically everyone in the niche is a beginner, a few people are intermediate, and a very small number of people are extremely good. See the concept of Pareto Distributions. Ex:

If you post an extremely high quality article about some specific topic, there generally aren't enough people who understand the topic in enough depth for posts to gain traction, whereas more basic content gets shared more easily even if it's "worse" from a technical perspective. On platforms where your visibility is based on having followers/friends/connections/other (as in, not something like Reddit that is purely upvote based), which is how LinkedIn is set up, for the most part, posting basic content to build up a following tends to be a good starting point.

There is obviouly demand for very specific content, but it is generally easier to get that content out by going to more specialized forums/sites/communities.

IIRC Zesumme does a fair amount of LinkedIn marketing.

Edit: The other thing you can do is to build a professional profile for a brand, then leave it and do nothing, link to it from your site (e.g., from the footer or about page), and use it as a "parasite" type page in search results for your brand name. Which can be useful to help verify to clients and other businesses that you're a real person (assuming the profile is set up decently).

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Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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