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[Warning] Amazon are on a banning spree, remove rel="noreferrer" from your links

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A little guide on what noreferrer is and how to fix it.

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Every few months Amazon go on a banning spree, manually checking many of their associates websites looking for rules they may have broken. It looks like right now we are in the middle of such a review.

This time they seem to be targeting affiliate links that have the "noreferrer" attribute, this is a problem for the WordPress Master Race because as of WordPress 4.7 this is something WordPress will add as default citing some sort of security concern.

What are referrers?

Referrer data is a piece of data that is sent in a HTTP header that lets the destination domain know where the request is coming from. 

For example if you were on 256kilobytes.com and you clicked a link to example.com within the header information example.com will know that you clicked from 256kilobytes.com.

This is mainly used by analytics programs, but has some other uses too.

What is noreferrer?

When referrer data is blank no referrering data is sent. This can be done with a link attribute like below:

<a href="example.com" rel="noreferrer">Great Ass</a>

This is very similar to how you would set nofollow and other A tag attributes.

Links that have no referring data sent in the header will show as "direct" traffic in your analytics. It's not relevant but just good to know.

Why don't Amazon like this?

Amazon need to know where the traffic you send them comes from. It's in the associate program rules and it's the reason you have to register your websites to your account. If you send traffic from sources which are not registered to you they get mad and ban you.

If you hide this data from them (even by acident) they also get equally pissed. This is the exact same thing to them.

Angry Jeff Bezos

Oh no, how do I fix this before Big Jeff catches me in his sex robot?

Well it depends on how your website is built.

For fellow WordPress master race members:

Add this to your functions.php file, remember to set up a child theme or it will be over-written when you update your theme. Do shit like a white man.

function tinymce_allow_unsafe_link_target( $mceInit ) {
    return $mceInit;

For non-WordPress membeers:

Find a way to remove the rel="noreferrer" and enjoy life. If you get stuck ask me in the comments, I might help.


Don't fuck with Jeff.

Know the Amazon rules, apparently its extremely hard to sign up to the associates program once you have been banned.

So don't get banned in the first place.

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Posted by Hash Brown 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 10 July, 2019 17:00 PM PDT

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Also see this article on HTTP referrers and referrer policies:

Users Who Have Downloaded More RAM:
Hash Brown (3 years ago)
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Posted by August R. Garcia 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 11 July, 2019 01:38 AM PDT

Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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