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Lots of people claim this is hard, this is usually the brokers who are selling domains to people. It's very simple to do with basic tools.

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For those interested in the darker shadow realm of SEO, you may come across the term PBN along with other methods used by spammers. PBN stands for "private blog network".

What is a PBN/Private Blog Network?

A PBN is a network of websites that you own and have control over that you can use for link building and other purposes such as:

  • ORM
  • Selling links
  • Local SEO

PBNs are great tools to have if you're looking to dominate one particular niche (or even locations), having a network of 30+ high authority blogs all relevant to your niche can do wonderful things to help you rank in search engines.

If you can imagine that you're a plumbing company in a particular city, buying the web domains of competitors that drop as they go out of business and putting your own contact details on there should bring in some good customers.

Alternatively, if you work in a particular niche where it's hard/expensive to get links such as travel, entertainment, pharma, casino... Buying domains from blogs that drop, restoring content and adding links is going to help in a huge way.

The general idea is to use these blogs you buy over time to build links to your money site like this:

how to find PBN domains

I've seen this done with SEO agencies in particular cities also. They will build a PBN from failed businesses that let their domain drop, restore the content, add a blog and then begin pimping out all their clients.

If you are trying to rank well in a particular town/city having a bunch of links from other businesses also in that city you're going to do well. 

Why do PBN domains matter?

The strength of your PBN will depend on the strength of your domains and how much authority/links they have.

Buying fresh domains that have never been used makes no sense, if doing this worked then the value of PBN domains would be nothing and everyone would be doing it. You are buying relevant domains that already have great authority, anything else is a waste of time.

Buying domains with existing links works like the diagram below, imagine that the size of the arrow represents the total authority (page rank) that these links are sending to your money site.

All of the domains linking to a PBN domain combine in power and then turns your PBN domain into a more authorative website because of this. This is exactly how Googles Page Rank works.

A good PBN domain will have:

  • A relevant history - Buying a domain used for a photography website to promote your cheap rope website is stupid.
  • Spam free - Spammed domains were probably left to drop for a reason.
  • Good links - No links leads to no authority leads to no rankings

If you match a domain for all three of these points, then you found a good domain.

Are PBNs Google safe?

In short, no. Footprints should be minimized at all costs.

However you could argue that restoring good content and resources that people linked to actually make the internet a better place, but Google don't seem to be on this train of thought.


For this tutorial you will need:

  • Ahrefs access - You can get a trial for less than the cost of a domain name
  • Scrapebox - We will bulk check availability with Scrapebox.

For those without Scrapebox:

  • You can use NameBright, they allow 5000 domains at a time but it's tedious.
  • You can code something using whois looks ups, heres a great PHP library.

I have a shitty PHP tool that I built myself, it has a database of 150,000 domains that I have identified link to some of my competitors. Every 24 hours through a cron job I run a PHP script that checks these domains using the PHP library I linked to and then alerts me of the domains that are available. If you want to scale up PBN domain mining then doing something simple like this is not hard. 

Alternatively you can build something similar in Google sheets. I had an idea for a SaaS business using the tool I created (but bug free with a front end) until someone told me this...

Step 1: Identify some competitors

You should know who your competitors are by now. Write a list down in notepad or something.

The easiest way to find good links that you should build is looking at your competitors, if you got a link from 50 of your competitors chances are you will rank very well... But this is unlikely.

What is more likely is finding domains that your competitors linked to that have dropped over the years.

If you are running short of ideas for competitors, use Ahrefs. Run a standard link report and then head to "competing domains". 

This is a bunch of domains that Ahrefs identify as your competitors through the web of links and relationships it finds as it scrapes the internet.

This can be a bit hit or miss, do some manual research. Make sure they are actually relevant.

Step 2: Download their linked domains

The next step is to grab all the domains that these websites link to. You could do this with a tool but it could take days of your life.

Or we can just trust that Ahrefs (the #2 biggest web crawler after Google) already has this information.

Run each one of your competitors through Ahrefs and export the "linked domains" report. It should look like this page:

Put all of these in a folder on your C:/ drive called "merge".

The more domains you find the better, if you do this correctly you will find you have a lot of duplicates also (which is a good sign for relevancy). That's fine, we deal with them later.

Step 3: Merge all the report CSV's

If you're a windows master race member open up command prompt, this is a very easy way to combine our CSV reports into 1 file for Scrapbox. 

If you have never used this before, it's going to be fine.

First navigate to your C:/ drive, do this by simply typing:

cd ../../

cd = change directory, it's a pretty standard command on many platforms.#

Now use the same thing again to enter our merge folder:

cd merge

And finally the copy command, this matches all files in the folder that end in ".csv" and creates a new file with everything combined called "merged.csv"

copy *.csv  merged.csv

You should see something like this if done correctly.

Step 4: Import into Scrapebox

Note: If you are using NameBright or an API that I covered earlier, your steps will vary from here but at the very least get rid of duplicate domains in Excel and go from there.

The next step is to boot up Scrapebox. From within scrapebox we can:

  • Do a little bit of filtering on domains
  • Get rid of duplicates

Doing this will reduce the domains you have but it also means you're not wasting time looking up domains that are not suitable for you.

We start out opening up our combined CSV file in Excel (like a white man) or Google sheets. Copy the entire "linked domains" column and head to Scrapebox. In the right hand side you will see "Import URL List", at the bottom of this dropdown click on "paste/replace from clipboard".

Next up, head to the same right hand side and click on "Remove/Filter", and remove duplicate domains.

From here we want to remove stupid TLD's.

Most of the time you want to find good, first world and non-spammed TLD's. The ones I look for are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .co.uk

You may not even want .co.uk (I do, I'm a UK fag). These domains are not retarded, going for .io's or .space is kind of silly and some of them are hard to register (.edu's are impossible) and some are retarded level expensive for our requirements.

Head to "Remove/Filter" again click on "remove urls with extensions..."

Add the following list to the bottom of the pop up window and click ok.


This list won't get rid of everything, but it will get most of it. The standard options in there (such as .exe) will also remove any URLs that Ahrefs got confused on, picking out domains from files is kind of hard programattically and when you realise most of the web is retarded it gets worse.

At this point we should have removed a lot of the crap from our list, so it's time to see whats available.

Scrapebox has a tool in "Grab/Check" that's called "check unregistered domains". Click it and let it load up.

Press Start and let it go and do it's thing, it may take sometime.

Scrapbox looks at two things, first it checks the DNS of these domains.

If there is a DNS set then usually it means the domains not available, once this is done it goes through the domains that passed this test and checks them in the who is database. This is useful to know if you are programming your own solutions as you scale up.

Let it finish, export the available domains to a txt file and move on to the next step!

Step 5: Pass the available domains back into Ahrefs

From here if you really wanted you could pull the data we need from the original merged file we had using excel and vlookup... but that's annoying and complicated so lets just pull more reports using Ahrefs bulk look up tool.

Pasting in 200 domains at a time, let Ahrefs look up all the data and then export these reports. Ahrefs puts a time limit on these requests, you just need to get over it (or use their API).

Clear out your C:/merge folder that we made earlier and then repeat step 3.

Step 6: Check your domains

Hopefully at this point we have a whole bunch of domains that are available and at least semi-niche related.

Open up your merged sheet, and hide all of the useless columns. The ones we need are:

  • Target
  • Domain Rating
  • Domains
  • Total Backlinks

To keep the sheet tidy, get rid of everything else and if you're using excel, format as a table to make the next steps easy.

Next up, we add a new column called "Buy". We are going to use this to mark domains that are good or not. How we determine if these are good domains or not is simple.

Sort your column by Domain Rating (largest to the top) and continue.

Step 6a: Check the TLD/Domain

While we tried to remove all the stupid TLD's earlier, this isn't always possible and some of the weirder ones get through.

If it's not what you want, put a no in the buy column.

If the domain is also something that does not make sense or is clearly not germane to your niche like tits-assand-automobiles.com then stick a no in the buy column. This is common sense.

Step 6b: Check the domains available, again.

While who is look ups are good for speed, they are not 100% accurate. So open up your favourite registrar website and see if you can buy the domain.

If it fails, put "no" in the buy column.

Step 6c: Check in Archive.org

Archive.org takes snapshots of websites over the years they existed, this is awesome for checking the spam history of domains. We are looking for a few different things.

No Asian text.

This is the most common situation where an Asian has taken over a English domain, turned it into a PBN in a foreign language and fucked up all hope of using this domain. Using these domains is risky as they are usually spammed and Google can pick up these changes (they have an internal version of Archive.org which makes archive.org look like a childrens toy). This stuff is also easy to pick up algorithmicly.

This is a great example, image here:

We can see that an Asian took this domain and put a pedo bear on it.

This website used to look like this:

This would have been fine, but because of the Asians we are going to mark this domain as a No.

Domains that redirect.

This is a great example of something we want to avoid. Archive.org stores redirects and in this case we have a domain being redirected to a very shitty looking post about dubai.

This is a sign that a SEO got there before you, purchased the domain and set up redirects because they were too stupid to build a PBN.

This is again risky, if the strategy worked for them it's unlikely that they would have allowed the domain to drop. Put a No in the buy column.

The Domain Was Used as a PBN

Again, this is something we want to avoid.

A great example can be seen here:

This is a pretty standard looking PBN that you buy links from on shitty forums. A low effort website rammed with low effort content and links to other crappy sites that never ranked.

Avoid like the plague, these domains are burned.

Inconsistent History

This is hard to document, so I will show you a good example of what to look for.

Search archive.org for this domain:

No matter where you look on the timeline the site is roughly the same, it had some minor updates but it was used properly for a while.

This is a good sign. If you see the site relaunch with gaps in the timeline I would be tempted to avoid it. That looks like a smart person built a PBN with it.


The more relevant links are to your money site the more powerful they are too. This goes for your PBN domains also...

If you are trying to rank a website for "iPhone Cases" and the domain your looking at used to belong to a donkey farm then move on. It's not relevant and it's easy for search engines to see through what you're doing. Don't be a fool.

General Bullshit

If a domain has passed all of these checks we need to do a final look with our common sense.

Look for reasons to think the domain is shit. This might sound odd but I have to stress that it's important to get the right domains from the start.

Things like the following are big turn offs:

  • Sidebar links to unrelated sites, they probably sold links.
  • Virus warnings or Archive.org just downloads a file when you search
  • Sites that are obvious "get rich quick" scams or affiliate sites
  • Porn and dating (unless your niche is porn/dating)
  • Dodgy adverts like "meet nearby singles", good sites don't run this shit

Step 6d: Run the domain through Ahrefs

We are going to check a few report in Ahrefs and make an educated decision on if a domain is a good or bad choice and this is based on a few factors.

Organic Traffic

If you check the organic traffic on a domain and nothing comes back, it means Ahrefs never saw organic traffic for that domain.

If a domain never ranked for anything, then it's unlikely to have enough authority to help you rank however we have to keep in mind:

  1. Ahrefs may have never analysed keywords that it ranked for (especially true for older sites in niche areas)
  2. It may have ranked before Ahrefs was invented

We also want to look for big flatlines or possible penalties, but we need to be careful here too.

Understand that when a domain drops the organic traffic charts will look like a penalty, cross examine the dates that you know the site was live from Archive.org to the organic report in Ahrefs.

Anchor Text

This can be a big warning sign that something was spammed or possible NSEO attacks.

Avoid spammy anchors like:

  • Porn
  • Pharma
  • Casino
  • Pills
  • Vastly unrelated shit

It's very common for hackers to hack websites (duh), add their casino affiliate shit or blue dragon pills and then spam the living tits out of the site until it no longer ranks for anything. However, when looking at sites in a spread sheet these look very attractive when all we have to go from is referring domains and total links...

These hacks don't usually show on Archive.org either.

Referring Domains and Links

Checking the links is also an important part of the process.

We want to rule out spammed sites, as above when all we have to look at are RD's and Total Links agressively spammed sites can look amazing. We need to hope that we find some domains with strong backlinks.

Try to avoid the obvious spam:

  • blog comments
  • web 2.0's (bad ones at least)
  • directories
  • forum spam
  • profile spam
  • article directories/content farms

It's good if most of the links are still live, this is a good sign that the link was put on a real website by a real person not for the intention of just links for the sake of links.

You will often see prweb.com and prnewswire.com links like these:

These are from Press Releases which you should look at properly. This is an SEO service after all... But can also be used with whitehat intentions.

Don't always discount these domains (especially when they have nytimes.com and cnbc.com links...) but dig deep. If the site has had a "Dr House vs Spider man FIGHT THE BIG G TOGETHER on a fucking MURDER TRAIN V5.0" SEO package used on them (which often contain press releases) then you will want to avoid the domain.

You basically want to avoid anything related to spam, porn, affiliate shit and crap links.

From here you can make an educated decision on if you should pick up the domain or not.

If a domain passes all of this and its relevant then put a yes in the buy column.

Step 7: Buy your domains

Now you have repeated this a bunch of times and have a list of domains, you now want to register them. I'm not going to go into full details beyond this point as this is probably for another article but when buying your domains you want to keep in mind that footprints are not good.

Do the following:

  • Don't buy them all on the same day
  • Use many identities
  • Use lots of registrars
  • Avoid shitty registrars you've never heard of
  • Avoid $1 coupons who will kill you in $$$ when it comes to renewals next year


Finding domains is the most important and hardest step in building a PBN, but it's worth it. Don't cut corners, if you're getting bored train a VA or program something that does steps for you (picking up asian text on archive.org for example).


Bad domains are a waste of time and they could be the signal that tips Google off to your little network later on down the road.

I will follow this up with how to build a PBN at some point in the future, let me know if you want to hear this.

Hope this helps, faggots.

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Posted by Hash Brown 3 years ago

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Domain brokers hate him for this one simple trick with 7 steps!

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Posted by eeeeeeee 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 10 June, 2019 21:11 PM PDT

buy cheap rope with Amazon Prime

Profile Photo - Hash BrownHash BrownInternet ActivistEnglandStaff

"Hey faggots scraping your own domains is not worth the effort anymore" - Nargil

"Hey buy PBN domains from me that I scraped" - Nargil

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Posted by Hash Brown 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 10 June, 2019 21:28 PM PDT


Profile Photo - DavidForerDavidForerSEO SpecialistTokyo, JapanBasic Subscriber

Any way to replace ahrefs with other tools? I suspect you can with the others they are just not as good?


Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by DavidForer 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 21 June, 2019 14:44 PM PDT

“Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday’s code.”

Profile Photo - Huevos RancherosHuevos RancherosStaff

@DavidForer You answered your own question there - they just aren't as good.

Why can't you get Ahrefs? You can just keep signing up for the $7 trial with different emails if you can't afford it.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by Huevos Rancheros 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 21 June, 2019 14:51 PM PDT
Profile Photo - August R. GarciaAugust R. GarciaLARPing as a Sysadmi...Portland, ORSite Owner

The main thing that Ahrefs has that free tools don't is the "site explorer" section, which shows an overview-type report for individual sites. While that section is definitely useful, there are some decent free alternatives to the other aspects of Ahrefs, such as:

For Keyword Research

See this post for a setup for general KW research using those two:

For Backlink/Authority Checking

Also See

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Hash Brown (3 years ago)
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Posted by August R. Garcia 3 years ago 🕓 Posted at 21 June, 2019 15:35 PM PDT

Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

Profile Photo - Hash BrownHash BrownInternet ActivistEnglandStaff

Without Ahrefs yes, you would just need to scrape your own domains but you're going to need:

  • Software to do it (Screaming Frog £149 or Scrapebox $99)
  • A server to run the software on (£20/month)
  • You're still going to need another tool to check backlinks like Majestic or Moz, which are pretty much the same price as Ahrefs just with less data.

I wrote a guide to a similar task with Screaming Frog here:

But without checking the backlinks of a domain you're just wasting money...

If you are only doing this on a small scale (less than 10), buying domains from brokers who specialise in PBN domains (PBN butler and similar) is probably the cheapest/easiest way.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by Hash Brown 3 years ago

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Profile Photo - DavidForerDavidForerSEO SpecialistTokyo, JapanBasic Subscriber

Thanks for the responses. I already have screaming and scrapebox. I can obviously afford the 7 bucks and probably do it once a month for various purposes. I have a lifetime account to serpstat, rankwatch and other tools which will do some of the work just not as good.

When reading your responses I guess it is more of a mindset question than actual can I use something else. Sometimes you say (currently my position) I have to get going, moving in a direction -> making money before I spend more. That would be a good post!

Thanks again and look forward to interacting more


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“Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday’s code.”

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