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We don't really do these gay homosexual journey threads on here, but I figured I could be the first one either way. The purpose of this thread is to record and follow my attempt to build and grow an Amazon affilaite site using mostly Reddit.

About the site

I got the idea recently, after buying an auction domain with a couple thousand backlinks from fake news sites like BuzzFeed. This domain used to be for a Tumblr blog (which still exists) that expired. They were sharing a bunch of "facts", many of which were made up, which explains BuzzFeed's interest to share some of the content and link to it.

I was going to use it to build an affiliate site anyway, but the fact that the domain was already getting linked to a lot got me thinking - what if I could do something similar with it, but still monetize it as an affiliate site?

The plan

The domain is pretty broad niche and can cover a variety of topics. First things first, I'm going to restore some of the content that was on there and link to relevant affilate articles. I also want to wait for the site to get indexed and show up in SERPs for at least something, just to make sure there isn't some sort of an issue with the domain. Auction domains can often be a hit or miss.

Then, I'm going to start creating new content for it, which will mainly be in two categories:

  1. Highly shareable, clickbait crap
  2. Affiliate content

I will get a writer to write short, engaging posts, and will then share those in various subreddits. Naturally, I may or may not will engage in blackhat tactics in order to have these shares get as much attention as possible. That's really the only goal with the Reddit shares: attention. While getting traffic is fine, I don't care much about random Reddit traffic, and would rather focus on targeted search engine traffic. Every shareable post will have internal links to relevant affiliate content, and the main objective is to use any links the shareable content gets to rank the site for various affiliate keywords.

While I will start off with Reddit, if I see the site getting shared on other platforms as well, I might start posting there also.

The goal

The goal is to get the site to at least $1000 per month and then flip it. Unless for some reason I end up enjoying doing this, which I probably won't.

What I've done so far

Got the domain and a nice logo.

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Posted by Huevos Rancheros 1 week ago

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Site Owner

Very nice. That reminds me that we should add a "Journeys" and potentially "Introductions" category/subcategory.

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Posted by August R. Garcia 1 week ago 🕓 Posted at 07 June, 2019 11:01 AM PDT

Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

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Good luck on your journey, don't forget to ping my sk__ype

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Posted by Hash Brown 1 week ago 🕓 Posted at 07 June, 2019 16:25 PM PDT


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Quality User

Good luck kind sir. 

sorry for my english limited.

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Posted by Scuffed Dog 1 week ago 🕓 Posted at 08 June, 2019 12:39 PM PDT

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