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The Best Subreddits To Share Your Links On, According To Some Data

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Published 5 months agoFri, 24 May 2019 07:05:36 -0700 | Last update 5 months agoFri, 24 May 2019 07:25:39 -0700

Wondering which subreddits you should post your links on? This should help.

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Reddit is obviously a great marketing tool when used right, and can help bring great amounts of traffic and even backlinks to your site. As long as you post good content that's actually worth sharing, that is.

With that being said, where you post matters as much as what you post, and knowing where to post can be difficult. That's why, using this list, I put together another sheet for you. Having a large list of almost 4000 subreddits and their member counts to work with, I went on Ahrefs and got the number of Linked Domains for each subbreddit.

Linked Domains means the domains Ahrefs found links to when crawling a certain subreddit URL. It's likely that they missed a few, but also likely that whatever percentage of domains they missed is likely consistent across all subbreddits.

Thus, we can assume that if a subreddit has a very low number of Linked Domains, which based on additional research I think is under 20, it likely means that either:

  1. Their rules don't allow link sharing (perhaps just images/gifs/videos or something)
  2. Moderation is too strict and they remove most links
  3. Users generally don't share links on that subreddit and it's likely that any shared links will thus either be removed or not get much attention

I also came up with a "Members per linked domain ratio" metric, which is basically a relative "score" that you can use to assume how a link posted on one subreddit will perform compared to another. By "perform", I mean get engagement and exposure.

Using this data, you can also avoid posting in subreddits with too little members per linked domain or too many linked domains, since in those cases, it's likely that these subreddits are getting too many links posted on there and whatever you post will likely get lost in the clutter.

Anyway, you can download the full sheet with data for all 4000 subreddits here. Note that you may or may not be able to post on these. Also, below are the subreddits that I think would be the best ones to share your links on. I've excluded subreddits that have under 20 Linked Domains, and arranged them by the "members per linked domain ratio", from best to worst:

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