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[Video] The Best SEO News Sites and Blogs: 8 Sites Ranked in a Definitive Tier List

Articles in Search Engine Optimization | By August R. Garcia

Published 7 months agoSat, 11 May 2019 13:29:31 -0700

Some blogs and news sites about Internet marketing and SEO are better than others. This video reviews content from eight notable SEO sites, discusses the good and the bad, and ranks them in a definitive tier list.

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Similarly to Internet marketing forums, some blogs and news sites about Internet marketing and SEO are better than others. This video reviews content from eight notable SEO sites, discusses the good and the bad, and ranks them in a definitive tier list.

The Definitive SEO News Site and Blog Tier List





A blog run by Brian Dean. Notable in that many posts analyze data, such as this post on email outreach and this post on search engine ranking factors. While it's important to note that not all relationships are necessarily causal, these articles are generally a good source of data to help validate conclusions that you already suspected and/or to occassionally rethink hypotheses about SEO.

Visit Brian Dean's Reasonably Good Guru Blog

The Ahrefs Blog

Pretty solid content, which is somewhat unexpected for a corporate blog. There are some posts that discuss interesting data, which makes sense considering that Ahrefs has a lot of data. Various topics covered, such as the ones discussed in the video about getting sitse indexed and general SEO techniques.

Visit the Ahref's Blog

Tom Anthony's Blog

A site by a guy who occassionally makes posts about SEO, most notably posting various security/exploit related articles, such as this one. Updates infrequently.

Visit Tom Anthony's Blog


Search Engine Land

More focused on news about search engines than SEO. If that's what you're looking for, this site is completely adequate. Has a fair amount of introductory content, such as this article on remarketing keywords.

Visit Search Engine Land


Search Engine Round Table

Generic search engine news site. Notable in that it aggregates news, stories, and discussions from various forums, such as this thread about a potential Google algorithm update. Bonus points for the gimick. Otherwise would be a tier lower, as the rest of the content is pretty similar to Search Engine Watch and the Search Engine Journal (i.e., generic, but accurate).

Visit Search Engine Round Table


Search Engine Journal

Another relatively generic site that discusses search engines and SEO. Similarly to Search Engine Watch, this site's content is relatively generic, but largely accurate. The article on increasing user engagement for SEO discussed in the video is a classic example of solidly-adequate-but-not-particularly-exciting SEO content. Could be bumped up to C-tier, potentially, depending on what you're looking for.

Visit the Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Watch

Fairly generic search engine content. Most content seems to be by one-off contributors, such as this article on Moz's Domain Authority. Extremely generic and mostly uninspired content, for the most part. Regardless, most of the statements made on the site are, at the minimum, accurate.

Visit Search Engine Watch

Niel Patel's Blog

Content is largely "normie-tier." Overall, the content is mostly accurate, or at least not-inaccurate, despite being relatively simple like this article on "outranking big [SEO] companies" and this video on SEO. Site probably steals and rewrites content from other SEO blogs; otherwise would be 1-2 tiers higher on this list.

Visit Neil Patel's Site 


Matthew Woodward's Blog

A very nice looking site with questionable SEO information. A guru blog full of statements that are incorrect and/or unsubstantiated, at least in the two articles that were discussed in the video, which were this article about Bing and this article about Google ranking factors. This is how SEO myths get started.

Visit Matthew Woodward's Site



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Bonus Ahrefs Data

  backlinko.com neilpatel.com ahrefs.com searchenginejournal.com searchengineland.com searchenginewatch.com seoroundtable.com matthewwoodward.co.uk tomanthony.co.uk
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