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[Infographic] The Beginner's SQLite Cheat Sheet

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The important hotkeys, commands, and tricks for SQLite

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What a great infographic.

SQLite Cheat Sheet Infographic

Copy-Pasteable Version of the SQLite Commands Cheat Sheet

General SQLite Commands and Information

Opening SQLite

Default Open   - sqlite3
Open Database  - sqlite3 name.db

Read in SQL File

sqlite> .read file.sql

Output Formats

.mode column
.mode csv
.mode html
.mode insert
.mode line
.mode list
.mode tabs
.mode tcl

SQL Statements in SQLite

SELECT Statements


SELECT * FROM table_name;

First Ten Rows

SELECT * FROM table_name LIMIT 10;

Specify Conditions

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE price > 100;

Match String that Starts with "D"

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE name LIKE 'De%';

Specify Order

SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY name  ASC;
SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY name DESC;

INSERT Statements

INSERT INTO table_name (col1, col2) VALUES (20, "DOG");

UPDATE Statements

UPDATE table_name SET col1 = TRUE WHERE is_true = TRUE

DELETE Statements

DELETE from table_name WHERE is_bad <> TRUE;


=       Equal
>       Greater than
<       Less Than
>=      Greater than or equal
<=      Less than or equal
<>      Not equal
BETWEEN Specify range
LIKE    Match part of string
IN      Is in a set of values

Create Table

CREATE TABLE table_name (
  name    TEXT,
  cost    FLOAT,
  is_true BOOLEAN

Importing and Exporting in SQLite

Importing from CSV

sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .import file.csv table_name

Export to CSV

sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .output file.csv
sqlite> SELECT * FROM table;
sqlite> .output stdout

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by August R. Garcia 1 year ago 🕓 Posted at 04 May, 2019 23:59 PM PDT

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