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Published 9 months agoTue, 16 Apr 2019 14:28:26 -0700 | Last update 9 months agoTue, 16 Apr 2019 15:16:12 -0700

Subscriber functionality live and bug fixes

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Subscriber Functionality Live


  • More consolidation of CSS and JS to separate files instead of inline
  • Caching for user stats added, roughly 0.5 seconds removed from most pageloads


  • Fixed sort order for users directory, which now sorts by number of posts.
  • Fix to zoomable images in user-created content
  • CSS fix for “share this post” widget on mobile
  • Fixed some bug related to the “share this post” widget on certain mobile browsers (?)
  • Fix to scrolling with arrowkeys through tag suggestions on content creation/editing page
  • Fix to the caching issue where the initial post in Answers/Forum threads would not update correctly when edited.
  • Fixed bug where PMs were not sending.
  • Fixed bugs related to the featured content slider on the homepage, as well as the comparable sliders on user profile pages.
  • Fixed bug where update a user profile with an empty bio or signature would result in the signature being set to a single newline, which caused blank bios and signatures to display
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Hash Brown (9 months ago)
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Posted by August R. Garcia 9 months ago

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• [2019-04-16 14:28 PDT] August R. Garcia (9 months ago)
• [2019-04-16 14:28 PDT] August R. Garcia (9 months ago)
🕓 Posted at 16 April, 2019 14:28 PM PDT

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Hell motherfucking yeah!

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0 Posted by Hash Brown 9 months ago 🕓 Posted at 16 April, 2019 14:48 PM PDT


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