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Patch Notes 2.0.0 - Part 1

Articles in Announcements | By August R. Garcia


Thread pin features, thread lock features, permission-required forums, new site pages, and some other things.

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New Functionality

Functionality to Pin Threads

  • Added functionality to pin threads (for users with roles that have the “Can Pin Content” permission)
    • Pinned threads will only pin to the top of the thread list when a category is specified
    • A type and/or tag can also be specified in which case pinned threads for the specified category that also are of the type specified and/or that are tagged with the specified tag will be pinned to the top of the index.
    • Regardless of whether it is being shown in a context where it is actually pinned to the top of the directory, pinned content will always show a green pin icon.

Pinned Some Threads

Functionality to Lock Threads

  • Added functionality to lock threads (for users with roles that have the “Can Lock Content” permission)
  • If a thread is locked, no new posts can be made and existing posts cannot be edited (except by users with the “Can Lock Content” permission)

Permission-Required Categories

  • The Quality-Users Only and Moderator-Only sections now work correctly
  • A Subscribers-Only category now exists with comparable functionality
  • The eBooks category also exists and uses the same permissions as the Subscribers-Only category

Site Pages

Advertisements Page

  • Added basic stats to the page about advertisements. Stats can also be accessed directly (as JSON) here, if that’s something that you want to do:
  • Added FAQ to the Advertise page

Marketplace Page

  • Added FAQ to the Marketplace page

Affiliate Deals Page

  • Added a contact form to suggest affiliate deals on the Affiliate Deals page.

Products Page

Reviews Section


Subscribers Page and Functionality [WIP]

  • Subscribers page content updated.
  • Subscriber features implemented:
  • Subscribers role implemented
  • Subscribers have double the standard bio and signature lengths, as well as double the maximum filesize for profile photos
  • Subscribers can use GIFs as profile photos
  • Subscribers (and other users with access to the Extended HTML Whitelist) have UI to add colors to fonts and font backgrounds for post
  • Invoices and Purchases Pages - WIP


  • eBook category added
  • eBook page added

Site Performance

  • Minor query improvements for the “recently downloaded RAMs” index/page/directory.
  • Query improvements for showing articles (and wikis).
  • Improvements to the query for the main categories directory.
  • Substantial improvements improvements to the main index query (for when it actually runs / is not cached / when new posts are made, edited, or deleted).
  • Additional caching for the comments sections of content/threads/posts/whatever.
  • Increased default expiration time for cached resources.
  • Adjustments to favicon.ico in regards to caching/performance/other.
  • More pagesize/css consolidation, minification, compression, etc.
  • Fixed bug that prevented profile photos from caching.

Bug Fixes

  • .htaccess updates to reduce the number of redirects and some bugfixes with redirects related to forcing SSL, forcing WWW, and removing “index.php” strings from URLs.
  • Fixed issue that prevented cover images for posts from caching (and from being imported as og:image metadata to other sites, such as Reddit, etcetera).
  • Adjustments to site middleware related to sandbox/staging site.
  • Bulk Content Uplaods
  • Roughly 2,000 threads (forum/answers sections) and 1,500 replies to those threads uploaded in bulk via the admin panel. Content written externally by various writers.
  • Also another 1,500 additional replies uploaded later
  • Added the subcategory “Affiliate Marketing” under “Internet Marketing”

Minor Changes

  • Minor Sidebar Adjustments
  • The advertisements shown on the sidebar and elsewhere on the site now have a 50/50 chance of showing a prompt to visit the subscribers page.
  • JK LOL – Removed links to affiliate articles from the sidebar (link to main Affiliate Deals page is still on the sidebar)
  • Added/reworked sidebar and banner ads
  • Fixes to the counts on the types and categories pages.
  • Increased the number of posts per page shown on user profile pages from 10 to 20.
Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by August R. Garcia 1 year ago 🕓 Posted at 10 April, 2019 19:08 PM PDT

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Patch Notes
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August Garcia is some guy who used to sell Viagra on the Internet. He made this website to LARP as a sysadmin while posting about garbage like user-agent spoofing, spintax, the only good keyboard, virtual assitants from Pakistan, links with the rel="nofollow" attributeproxiessin, the developer console, literally every link building method, and other junk.

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OP did 9/11

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by eeeeeeee 1 year ago 🕓 Posted at 10 April, 2019 23:33 PM PDT

buy cheap rope with Amazon Prime

Profile Photo - August R. GarciaAugust R. GarciaLARPing as a Sysadmi...Portland, ORSite Owner

You too, thanks.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by August R. Garcia 1 year ago 🕓 Posted at 11 April, 2019 00:48 AM PDT

Sir, I can do you a nice SEO.

Profile Photo - Scuffed DogScuffed DogHorse racing tipsterHorseshoe BayQuality User

Thanks a lot for patching me up.

Download more RAM. 🐏 ⨉ 0Posted by Scuffed Dog 1 year ago 🕓 Posted at 11 April, 2019 17:01 PM PDT
Profile Photo - Scuffed DogScuffed DogHorse racing tipsterHorseshoe BayQuality User
            |    .' ,^-.
            ;`-./ .'    \
           _ \`--'_      \
         ." `"-,\  `".    :
       .' ..-'""`T-._.'    ;
       ; //O O  / _         )
       `.; .'   {' )`"--..-'
7.         :  ;  \'                    _
`.\         `{   ;                   .'.'
  \`.        7  /;_                .'.'
  :[`7.    .=`./   `-,           .'.7
  `.\/`5  / /`.`.,   :         ,'[_/|
   |[//_  `"|  : \\  |\.      `| (`7'
   {=\{_)   J :   |`.J :\    (`"`-/)
   {=; |  .'  :   :  `: :`.  `, |`}
   |"\ ;j`.  /    |   | ;  j""| :`}
   `-.';   )':  .-'   :  ;    l/ /
        `-'  `.7  ___ l_.'     `"
              /j }"""{ l\ 
            ,'/.'     `.\`. 
           }.''   .-.   ``.{ 
          //    .'   `.    \\  
         :/    /       \    \: 
         /    /         \    \ 
        :    /           \    : 
        |   ;             :   |  
        ;   |             |   |
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