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Link building is one of the oldest and most effective SEO techniques. Good link building can make your website’s pages soar high in Google searches, and only a couple subtle mistakes can make your website plummet to the bottom of the internet sea. How is link building so powerful and how does it determine whether you succeed or fail? Well, let's have a brief look on the things that any internet marketer or person with a website know about link building.

Some link building practices that worked just a few years back don’t work anymore. Also, Google’s Penguin update is all about removing shady link building practices (primarily means the usage of directory sites selling links to other websites). These practices will get you downvoted in search engine result pages (SERPs), especially if you do it the wrong way and go full spammy.

Here's a brief overview first of all

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all have primary factors on which they rank search results. These search engines differ, yes. For example, Google fails to index Flash sites while Bing and Yahoo! actually reward those. Google asks you to build a context around your focus keyword for a piece of content by making plenty use of synonyms of the keyword while on the other hand, on Bing, only exact keywords work and you should use the exact keywords only to rank better (see SEO on Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo!).

But there are many common factors that all search engines respect -- social signals, external links, descriptive images, fast load times, clean CSS, and so on. And all search engines have two or three primary factors. For Google, primary factors probably include external linking while for Bing, a primary factor would be local keyword for double-meaning phrases or words. However, all these search engines have one common primary factor that decides much of the ranking of a particular search result and that is: inbound links.

Inbound links, guest posting, external linking, etc. can give you a huge edge over competitors if you do it the right way. And that is, in a nutshell, link building. You need a strong link building strategy.

Let’s go over the things you should know about link building.

1. Authority adds value

A website’s authority adds value to its outgoing links.

  • A website with great content, a good age, and tons of links pointing to it is considered authoritative. Each link that goes out from this website is a high-value link and might be worth a hundred small website links.
  • Aim to get linked by these authoritative websites. Often, these websites are brands people trust in your industry.
  • Contact them, utilize guest posting (link to your pages within the content, author bio links are useless if there’s a rel=nofollow tag added in them, which is the case in most situations), and give them a reason to link to you.
  • If you have amazing content and you understand what your audience wants clearly – you’ll have good prospects of getting linked by authoritative websites. This will increase the value of your website manifold.

2. The natural process is slow

The natural, manual process of link building is slow. And there’s nothing wrong in that.

  • Link building is about getting liked by others in your industry and at the same time getting linked from them.
  • It takes time to have that amount of exposure, trust, and value that will prompt others to talk about you. Have patience.
  • Your content's discovery is also a factor. A friend of mine runs a gaming website that has seen random links pointing to his articles because he always covered what was hot and trending. He took heavy inspiration from other news sources that were more in demand. And the news sources that were less known started Googling stuff that he wrote on, thus linking to him. Slowly, a lot of small website links made his website a big one and now respectable sources like the Japanese media brands link to his website for the same news piece that they can find at many other places. This took time. His website has a decent age now.

3. Link outsourcing is equally important

Link outsourcing or outlinking is the process of linking to external sources yourself.

  • Google loves websites that are social. So, link to external sources wherever you can.
  • Relevant link outsourcing means you’re trying to satisfy your user by completing her cycle for information consumption. This means a website with better usability, and this helps considerably with a better place on SERPs.
  • Don’t outsource links in bulk or sell links to other websites. Such spammy practices are easily identified and are enough to get your website heavily penalized.

4. Natural, manual link building is what works

Always aim for natural links.

  • Build long term relationships. Reach out to leading websites. Utilize all your resources.
  • Once you start building link relationships, it will be easy to keep growing backlinks to your website.
  • More websites will flock to link to you as you utilize your power of backlinks to go higher in SERPs. A lot of websites have a dire need to link to sources for their articles. They Google, open the top sources, find the most relevant article (and this has to be yours), and link to that. So having a good rank will automatically accelerate your link building prospects. You just have to work hard in the beginning phase.

5. Link relevance, social signals, and visual appeal

Link relevance is very important, for backlinks to your website as well as for link outsourcing.

  • Getting links from related and similar-niche websites is much more valuable than getting links from unrelated websites.
  • One exception is social media. Social bookmarking, as it’s called, is taken as a positive signal towards your website’s usability. The more socially talked you are, the more weight your website gets. Niche doesn’t matter here.
  • People won’t link to your website from theirs or socially if your website isn’t visually appealing or looks boring and outdated. Always have a trendy, trustable, and cool website design.

6. Buying links

White hat SEO discourages buying links but a lot of people don't go full white hat. When you are purchasing links, keep these in mind.

Let's clear the basic way of buying links (you can do that on various platforms that I won't link to): If you get a 25 DA backlink, what this means is that there is a certain domain on the internet that has a domain authority of 25 that will link to your page. So, there is no "kind" of backlinks like DA backlink or PA backlink. These are precursors, in a way. The only kinds backlinks have are bad quality and good quality that depends on the source selling them.

  • Always aim for niche links. Get links from your niche or related niches.
  • Links that perform high in a short span might not be useful for the long term.
  • Buying niche guest post spaces are by far the most reliable method to get organic links without entering the shady realm.
  • Also, make sure that the links are permanent. Ask the seller whether they are permanent at the very beginning and tell them that you only want permanent ones.
  • Buying homepage links is superior to buying page links.
  • PBNs are something you can utilize. PBNs are basically private blog networks that are built to provide high-quality links. You can also set up your own network if you have the resources and time to link to your money site (the main site that you monetize the most to earn).
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow are important. TF basically reflects trustworthiness and CF reflects the volume of links that a site can pass. If the TF is low but the CF is high, it is quite negative. Aim for 20+ CF and TF both, if possible, when buying your links.
  • Domain authority or DA is important. The higher a domain's authority, the more powerful link source it is. DA 80+ is considered good, so try to get at least a few high DA links to your website.
  • A good balance between DA and PA (page authority) is important. These metrics are developed by Moz to assess content's authority. If you are going for a high DA backlink, then a lower PA won't matter, but a too low PA migt hurt.
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Some design is good, some design is bad, and yet some design is just full retard Comic Sans with a rainbow gradient on it.

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Great Effort! Link building is an essential aspect of any website. It is important as much as on-page factors. Quality link building helps you more than quantity link building. Thanks for sharing this post.

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Wow, definetly seems interesting how just being a very social site can boost you in the rankings.

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”7-bit signed ascii is retarded,”

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Hi, Link building technique is one the best technique for getting high quality backlinks.

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