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Top Ahrefs Tips For Niche, Content & Keyword Research to help you rank better

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Nofollow Links: Are they fucking bullshit?

As they say in my home country, “nofollow links are useful in various contexts and also everyone has no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.”

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The simplest way to do organic keyword research for (almost) free

Have you ever wondered how the pros do keyword research? This article will teach you how to find every organic keyword that exists.

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"new index coverage issue detected for site" warning in search console

Weird "new index coverage issue detected for site" error in Search console

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Sitemaps: Frequently Asked Questions, Special Sitemap Types, Creating Robot Whitelists, and Troubleshooting Common Errors

You may ask yourself, "how can I learn about sitemaps." It turns out that you can learn about XML sitemaps in this post.

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